Annual Meeting January 20, 2024 Minutes

Venue 519
2:00 pm

Press-Quality Annual Report Download

Web-Quality Annual Report Download

Call To Order:

President Nathan S

Roll Call: 

Nathan S, Nathan T, Kelsey, Heather, Angela, Allie, Derek. Sharon absent

Approval of previous minutes:

Motioned Nathan T, Second Angela, Unanimous passage 

Executive Director Report:

Summarized presentation of annual reported

Discussion of season and auditions

Discussion of writers workshop

Discussion of volunteer forms and sponsorships

Discussion of merch store

Officer Reports: 

  • President
    • Presentation of annual report
  • Vice President
    • Presentation of annual report
  • Secretary
    • Presentation of annual report
  • Treasurer
    • Presentation of annual report
  • Creative Committee
    • Discussion of upcoming committee plans and call for volunteers
  • Public Relations
    • Presentation of annual report
    • Discussion of relationship building and keeping a community presence 
  • Membership Committee
    • Absent, presentation of annual report by ED Derek
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee
    • Presentation of annual report

Old Business:

  1. NA

New Business:

  1. Board Elections conducted by ED Derek
    1. VP nominee: Nathan T, uncontested
    2. Treasurer nominee: Kelsey, uncontested
    3. 2 year term member at large nominee: Allan Schreier, uncontested
    4. 1 year term member at large nominee: Mike Meemken, uncontested
      1. Allie announced she was stepping down from her term, Mike will complete term
  2. Bill from chamber of commerce to continue membership for 2024: $100
    1. Motion to app payment: Mike, Second: Nathan T, unanimous passage
  1. Chamber of commerce requesting donations for silent auction, response needed by March 18, auction to be held 3/29/2024
    1. tabled
  1. Open forum for membership: *crickets* 

Next meeting:

February 22nd 6:30 PM Graps Wine Room


Motion to adjourn: Al, Second Mike, unanimous passage.

Submitted by Secretary Heather Pittman.

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