the cast of "Endings are Hard"

October 2022

Getting Our Acts Together: A Night of Northern Hills One-Acts

  • Venue
    BF Rec Center Auditorium
  • Dates
    October 15 at 7pm
  • Duration
    Approx. 2 Hours (Incl 2 10 min intermissions)


Getting Our Acts Together was something brand-new for Belle Fourche Area Community Theater and the Northern Hills theater community. This show consisted of three one-acts: one by the Historic Homestake Opera House from Lead; one by the Matthews Opera House in Spearfish; one by Belle Fourche Area Community Theater. Each night was held in a different location, so each theater group could get a chance to perform in a new space and give that community a chance to see a show by other local theater groups. This was a one of a kind show so everyone who made it had a great time!

I don’t have any reason to lie, so yeah. She’s is a cop on the edge trying to take down a corrupt businessman with ties to the city. I mean Hillary Swank would have killed this role like 15 years ago.

Vendor, “Endings are Hard”
"Endings are Hard" logo

Belle Fourche Area Community Theater’s Show Endings Are Hard by Derek Olson

Creating the perfect ending to a script is easier said than done, just ask the characters of a hard-boiled detective drama who have to keep reliving the same ending over and over until it is perfect, no matter how many twists and turns that might take. The characters themselves even have some pitches on how to make it the best ending it can be, much to the chagrin of the writer.

"AnyBODY For Tea?" logo

Historic Homestake Opera House’s Show Any Body for Tea? by C.B. Gilfrod

Detective Dennis O’Finn, investigating the death of an elderly lady, discovers that he, himself, is the motive for murder. Six sweet but slightly balmy ladies are all in love with their bachelor neighbor, the handsome, forty-ish, O’Finn. To lure him to visit, they stage a homicide.

"Laundry & Bourbon" logo

The Matthews Opera House & Arts Center’s Show Laundry & Bourbon by Jame McLure

The setting is the front porch of Roy and Elizabeth’s home in Maynard, Texas, on a hot summer afternoon. Elizabeth and her friend Hattie and Amy Lee are whiling away the time folding laundry, watching TV, sipping bourbon and Coke, and gossiping about the many open secrets which are so much a part of small-town life.

the cast of "Endings are Hard"
Charlene (Heather Pittman) and her companions Teddy (Derek Olson) and Nathan (Nathan Schreier) confront the evil Vivienne (Alaethia Thompson) and her henchman Andi (Ranchel Munce) in Endings Are Hard

Endings Are Hard Cast

  • Vivienne
    Alaethia Thompson
  • Andi
    Rachel Munce
  • Charlene
    Heather Pittman
  • Nathan
    Nathan Schreier
  • Teddy
    Derek Olson
  • Vendor
    Colleen Anderson
  • Writer
    Katie Anderson

Endings Are Hard Creative

  • Director
    Derek Olson
  • Assistant Director
    Anna Robinson
  • Stage Assistant
    Ember Olson
  • Producer
    Derek Olson

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