"Break a Leg: A Night of One-Acts" cast

March 2024

Break a Leg: A Night of One-Acts

“My Date With the Hitwoman” and “Those Tasty Tulips” by Derek Olson & “Nobody Sleeps” by Guernsey LePelley

  • Venue
    BF Community Hall
  • Dates
    March 15 & 16 at 7pm
  • Duration
    Approx. 100 Minutes (Incl 2 10 min intermissions)

We kicked off the 2024 Season right!

One of our favorite things to do at Belle Fourche Area Community Theater are nights of original one-acts and we kicked off our 2024 season with just that. Audiences loved Break a Leg: A Night of One-Acts where we presented three one-acts . Everyone laughed with us while we presented plays about hitwomen coming to dinner, a burglar who is bad at his job, and even a New-York raccoon with a penchant for tulips.

Break a Leg: A Night of One-Acts Shows

"Nobody Sleeps" by Guernsey LePelley logo

Winner of numerous play competitions, this is a bright and breezy farce about a very calm family of very odd habits. Sixteen year old Daisy comes across Spike, a burglar, rifling through the contents of a desk. “You’ll never find anything in that desk. We never can.” Daisy would just as soon have Spike take her sister’s money. She’s saving for a guitar and the whole family dreads the results. Then Ada suggests that Mother ought to meet Spike as she’s writing a mystery and wants to get to know a good burglar. But Mother is full of criticisms: “Why aren’t you wearing gloves? What would you give for an alibi? Where did you park your car?” A lively, extremely funny concoction.

"Those Tasty Tulips" by Derek Olson logo

Those Tasty Tulips tells the story of a raccoon that only Lucy can hear and for some reason seems to be from New York, even though they are nowhere near there. The Raccoon is helping himself to Lucy’s prized tulips and getting on her last nerve which attracts the attention of the nosy neighbor, Alice. Those Tasty Tulips was first produced at the Black Hills Community Theater in Rapid City, South Dakota on August 26, 2023. The show was directed by Trevor Ryan as part of a 24 Hour Play Challenge.

"My Date With the Hitwoman" by Derek Olson logo

Guy has a weekly dinner with his parents, brother, and sister-in-law. This week however he has been detained because he saw something he shouldn’t have. Even when he thinks he made it to the safety of his parent’s house he is followed by Serene, a hitwoman, who he saw murder a man. As she decides what to do with him, Guy’s family interrupts and not wanting a bloodbath, Serena plays along as Guy’s date. What follows is one of the worst dinner dates ever, and not because Guy is with a contract killer, but because of his own family.

What do I look like, some kind of smart person, you know someone who thinks good… scientist, yeah that’s it. Do I look like some kind of raccoon scientist to you?

Raccoon from “Those Tasty Tulips”

Break a Leg: A Night of One-Acts Cast

  • Nobody Sleeps
  • Spike
    Tyler Schone
  • Mrs. Busby
    Sheila West
  • Daisy
    Rachel Munce
  • Ada
    Sentel Schreier
  • Glory
    Katharina Steeves
  • Those Tasty Tulips
  • Raccoon
    Wesley Barnhouse
  • Lucy
    Kelsey Gronlund
  • Alice
    Jen Zoller
  • My Date With the Hitwoman
  • Guy
    Alexander Steeves
  • Serena
    Heather Pittman
  • Junior
    Gideon Gilger
  • Catherine
    Kelsey Gronlund
  • Mom
    Angela Hastings
  • Dad
    Michael Meemken

Break a Leg: A Night of One-Acts Creative

  • Nobody Sleeps Director
    Stephanie Bussiere
  • Those Tasty Tulips Director
    Nathan Schreier
  • My Date With the Hitwoman Director
    Sharon Thompson
  • Producer
    Derek Olson
  • Photography
    Hunter Anderson
  • Logos Designed by
    Anna Robins

Nobody Sleeps Credits

Nobody Sleeps is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc. www.concordtheatricals.com

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