Whitney Bridgers in "House on Haunted Hill"

Whitney Bridgers

What do you do in your day-to-day life?

I work & hang out with my family

How long have you been involved in Community Theater, how long at BFACT?

Summer of 2023 was my first year in the Community Theater but I have performed in Belle Fourche plays from 6th to 12th grade. 

Whitney Bridgers as Venus Dancer in "Rock of Ages"
Whitney hanging out backstage for Rock of Ages

What has been your favorite role to play?

I have to say Joanna Slydes because I got to jump into “a pit of acid” and jump back out to scare people, or Nurse Nightingale in Bedside Manner!

What keeps you coming back to BFACT?

I had such a wonderful experience. I’ve always loved theater. Everyone was so warming and welcoming the first day of auditions. I have also met so many new people. It’s just been such an amazing experience.

What is your favorite BFACT memory?

I honestly don’t think I have just one

What is your favorite part of BFACT?

The people and the support for the community

Why did you join BFACT?

I realized my whole life doesn’t have to be just work and kids. Theater is a huge piece of me that I didn’t realize I needed so bad.

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