Heather Pittman as Annabelle Loren in "House on Haunted Hill"

Heather Pittman

What do you do in your day-to-day life?

When I’m not working in social services, I enjoy baking, crochet, British murder mysteries, and taking care of my evil and lovable cat.

How long have you been involved with Community Theater

I have been involved in community theatre since the first show Is He Dead? In 2010

What has been your favorite role to play or role in a production?

I have spent a lot of time working backstage and have always enjoyed the organization of it. I’ve been a bit shy in the past but I’m looking forward to spending more time under the lights in the future.

Heather Pittman in the cast of "Doctor Vile"
Heather as Allyssa in Doctor Vile

What keeps you coming back every year?

I love to be around other people interested in arts. It’s one thing we all share despite different ages, backgrounds, and perspectives. We always have a lot to learn from each other and I love to learn.

What is a show you have always wanted to do?

I would love to do more dinner theaters and/or more murder mysteries.

Heather Pittman in "Boise, Idaho"
Heather as the confused Chastity in Boise, Idaho

What is one of your favorite BFACT memories?

My favorite memory is meeting my future husband, Matt, on the set of Is he Dead? In 2010. We have now been together nearly 11 years and married for 5 ½.

How would you like to see BFACT grow?

I would like to see more people get involved and show an interest in artistic expression. There aren’t a lot of opportunities for adults in this area or for children outside of school to explore their artistic side. I hope more people decide to be brave and join productions and events. I also hope people continue to bring their children and grandchildren and cultivate their interests in imagination and expression as well.

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