Online Auction

Online Auction

It is that time, folks! Welcome to our first ever online auction! We will have 2 batches of items. The first, available from Tuesday the 21st to Friday the 24th at noon. The second available from Friday the 24th to the premier of our new webshow, ‘Jupiter & Mars‘ on Tuesday the 28th at 7pm.

To bid on an item, simply comment on the individual photo with your offer. We will be able to meet to exchange items with the winning bidders in the Belle Fourche area (including Sundance, Spearfish, Lead/Dwd, and other close areas) but if you are purchasing from afar, we will have to ask you to help us cover shipping costs. Cash or check preferred. We can take cards but high processing fees may mean we will have to ask you to help cover that as well. Please let us know if you have any questions and happy shopping!

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