“Jupiter & Mars” episode 1 premiere

Belle Fourche Area Community Theater will be presenting the premiere episode of ‘Jupiter & Mars,’ an online audio play written by BFACT alumni and performed entirely online.‘Jupiter & Mars’ was conceived after BFACT had to cancel two summer shows that were scheduled for June and August and a fundraiser because of COVID-19. It is hard right now to practice in person and have shows in theaters with possibly hundreds of people so a decision was made to create an online-only show.

The show is about a disgraced journalist, Maxine Jupiter, who has to move back to her hometown of Belle Fourche to start again. While doing a report on a slightly odd at-risk-youth ranch on the outskirts of town she met a young man, Mars Mitchell, with a troubled past that he says is because of the mind control that happened to him at that camp. Together the two of them must unravel the mysteries and dangers of the Calamity Ranch, a place that is much more than it seems.

Join us for the premiere of Episode 1 on July 28 at 7pm MT on our Facebook page. Once the premiere is finished the episode will be available on our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIHJUPfBZFc4Ye_Lfn8aZEQ . Each episode will be free to listen to, forever! All we ask is that if you enjoy what you hear and want to help support BFACT through these trying times, we do accept online donations at https://app.arts-people.com/index.php?donation=bfact

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