“Four To Go For Christmas” Cast list announced

The cast list is out for our Christmas show, Four To Go For Christmas. There will be a read through for the whole cast on Thursday October 27 at 7pm in the Rec Center Auditorium.


A Christmas Caper

  • Santa Claus- Nathan Thompson
  • Gretsel- Rebecca Gray
  • Dew Spirit- Anya Jones
  • Elf 1- Ryker Biggs
  • Elf 2- Kaeli Thompson
  • Elf 3- Hayden Kidd
  • Elf 4- Cade Pearson
  • Elf 5- Ember Olson
  • Dew Droplets- Talia Thompson, Kylie Bidwell
  • Reindeer 1- Bethan McGuiggan
  • Reindeer 2- Gunner Olson-Patton
  • Reindeer 3- Piper Davis
  • Reindeer 4- Titus Thompson

Night of the New and Improved Christmas

  • Santa Claus- Nathan Schreier
  • Mrs. Claus- Sharon Thompson
  • Nathaniel- Gunner Olson-Patton
  • Celia- Kylie Bidwell
  • Peggy- Piper Davis
  • Rupert- Titus Thompson
  • J.J. Wrinkleton- Wesley Allen
  • Ms. Berman- Taisa Stocks
  • T. R. Fitzhugh- Tim Thompson
  • Reindeer- Ryker Biggs, Kaeli Thompson, Cade Pearson, Hayden Kidd, Ember Olson and Talia Thompson

Christmas with the Cratchits

  • Robin Bleach- Rachel Johnson
  • Bob Cratchit- Tyler Schone
  • Erma Cratchit- Colleen Anderson
  • Ebenezer Scrooge- Jonathan Tinsley
  • Vera- Bethan McGuiggan
  • Sheila- Alyssa Frisbee
  • Cecily- Evie Stearns
  • Tim- Carston Scheser

Million Dollar Christmas

  • Narrator- Sloan Benedict
  • Felicia (Fletcher) Blosh- Chyann Cody
  • Latisha Blosh- Emma Tinsley
  • Renee (Roscoe) Blosh- April Stuart
  • First Clerk- Kylee Jones
  • Second Clerk- Taisa Stocks
  • First Shopper- Alyssa Frisbee
  • Second Shopper- Evie Stearns
  • Santa Claus- Carston Scheser
  • Haskell- Rebecca Gray
  • Officer Kelly- Nathan Schreier

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