BFACT Annual Meeting

The BFACT Annual Meeting is a business meeting held by our organization’s Board of Directors. We will address the standard agenda items held at our regular meetings (which are also open to any of our members).

In addition, we will be presenting our Annual Report to provide our members an account of this past year’s programs, reports by our Board Members and our Executive Director, and the financial status of the organization.

At the Annual Meeting, we would also hold elections for our Board positions, but due to this being our first year of operation, we do not have any Board positions to vote on.

We encourage all of our active members of BFACT to attend, and hear about our first crazy year! If you are not a member, but are just interested in our activities, you are still more than welcome to attend! (And perhaps you will be so inspired, you decide to become an active member  )

This year, we will be holding our Annual Meeting online due to the ongoing pandemic. The board will be in a Zoom meeting, and that Zoom Meeting will be broadcast on Facebook Live for all to attend.

We will be monitoring the Facebook chat for any feedback and discussion from our attendees, and there will be a specific time for feedback from our members. An attendee can also participate in the Zoom call if they would like to view our meeting without the delay from Facebook Live, and/or they would like to speak to us directly.

The board and especially our Executive Director have been working hard this year to roll with the punches and make BFACT the best it can be, so we can do what we love with the community. We hope to see you all there.

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