Open until March 7

2021 Monologue Competition

Join Belle Fourche Area Community Theater for a new event, The BFACT Monologue Competition! This will be your chance to showcase your acting skills and try to win the grand prize! Record yourself performing a great monologue and upload the video for our judges to view. We have two categories, Kids (13 - 18) and Adults (19+). So get your piece picked and enter before March 7th. Let the best monologue win!

At Belle Fourche Area Community Theater our mission is to stimulate, promote, teach, and develop interest in the theater arts. We strive to share in providing cultural opportunities that serve the educational and entertainment needs of our community. And so, we welcome and provide opportunities of participation for all volunteers interested in the theater arts. To make a donation to support our programming, click this link.

Who Can Enter

  • You must live within 50 miles of Belle Fourche
  • The Kids Bracket: 13 - 18
  • The Adult Bracket: 19+

The Time Frame

You must submit your monologue using the form below by 11pm on March 7 to be included in the competition.

What You Win

There will be a grand prize and runner-up for both age groups. We will feature all the winners on our website.

Grand Prize

$50 and two tickets to any BFACT show (excluding Mr. Beautiful Fork)


Two tickets to any BFACT show (excluding Mr. Beautiful Fork)

Prizes graciously donated by tdg - A Digital Agency and Open Space Creative

tdg - a digital agency Open Space Creative

The Monologue

Your monologue must not be longer than 2:30 minutes. You cannot edit your video footage and it has to be one take. Keep your monologue PG. You must pick your monologue from You can either fully memorize your piece or read it, what matters is the performance.

How to Enter

Record your monologue and upload it as an unlisted YouTube video. If you are unable to upload to YouTube, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about how to send a different file. The quality of your recording is not a judging criteria but make sure you are easy to hear. Once you upload your monologue fill out the form at the bottom of this page with the following information: Your Name; Contact Email; Name of Piece; URL of the piece you are performing: URL of your video; Your Town; Age Group.

The Judges

  • Sarah Carlson: South Dakota Arts Council
  • David Scherer: Board Member Historic Homestake Opera House
  • Bryon Christian: Director of High School Theater for Hill City High School

Judging Criteria

The following is the criteria the judges will be using to evaluate each monologue.

  • Diction: Articulation, pronunciation, enunciation, fluency, projection, pitch, vocal quality
  • Body usage: Posture, facial expression, gestures, movement, distracting mannerisms
  • Interpretation: Comprehension & proper emphasis, creation of mood, phrasing, contrast, expression, spiritual or emotional effect 
  • Performance: Proficient delivery, personal appearance, stage presence, organization of thought 
  • Tempo and Rhythm: Pacing, speed, building to a conclusion

Here is a list of things that will NOT be part of the judging process:

  • Quality of recording: You can use whatever camera you have access to, the quality of the video recording is not being judged. It is important for the judges to be able to hear you clearly in your recording though.
  • Costumes & Props: You can wear costumes and use props but they are not part of the judging process.

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