Carrie Donovan

Carrie Donovan Carrie in 'Plaza Suite'

Carrie Donovan has been instrumental in the success of Belle Fourche Area Community Theater ever since her first show, 'The Mouse Trap' in 2014. She has been involved on stage and behind, even being costume mistress for our biggest show ever, 'Beauty and the Beast.' She also has been the host of 'Mr. Beautiful Fork' many times and was always more glamorous than the contestants.

What do you do in your day-to-day life?

Day to day I work at Moniment Health Spearfish Hospital. I am in charge of Safety and Quality.

How long have you been involved with Community Theater?

Been involved in theatre since 2014.

What has been your favorite role to play or role in a production?

My favorite role was mother of the bride in 'Plaza Suite' because I got to RIP the back of my costars tuxedo jacket and do alot of hand ringing.

What keeps you coming back every year?

What keeps me coming back is the great and talented folks who are in every show.

What is a show you have always wanted to do?

The show I would love to do is 'Arsinic and Old Lace' I love old mysteries/thrillers

What is one of your favorite BFACT memories?

One of my favorite memories is doing costumes for 'Beauty and the Beast.'

How would you like to see BFACT grow?

I would love to see BFACT do more festivals/art in the park type events and collaborative shows with other localvtheatre groups.

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