Darin Newton

Darin Newton Darin as Scrooge in The Little Town of Christmas

Darin Newton has been with Belle Fourche Area Community Theater since 2014 and has been amazing in everything he has been in. He's been a butler, a conflicted Juror and played several roles in our 2019 Christmas show, 'The Little Town of Christmas.' That show culminated in a retelling of the story of Scrooge who Darin played, even though no one that has met Darin in real life would ever call him that. Darin was even at the first meeting of the reformed Belle Fourche Area Community Theater and helped pick the first Board of Directors.

What do you do in your day-to-day life?

I’m a 7th Grade teacher in Belle Fourche and kid wrangler at home.

How long have you been involved with Community Theater?

I first got involved with BFACT in 2014 and have done 3 productions.

What has been your favorite role to play or role in a production?

I would say my favorite production to be in was 'The Importance of Being Earnest.' Although it was a smaller role, the play and cast itself was outstanding. I really enjoyed playing Scrooge in 'The Little Town of Christmas.'

What keeps you coming back every year?

I enjoy being involved in Community Theater, whether it’s being a part of the production itself or as an audience member. It provides a crucial outlet for a small community. The people you meet are great, and they are passionate about providing a service.

What is a show you have always wanted to do?

I would really like to be involved in a musical (I missed out on 'Beauty and the Beast!')

What is one of your favorite BFACT memories?

My daughter yelling at me from the audience while I was on stage was pretty awesome.

How would you like to see BFACT grow?

I’m excited for all of the awesome people working behind the scenes of BFACT to get it into a stable place within the community. When someone asks “Why should I move to Belle Fourche?” or “What is your favorite thing about Belle Fourche?”, a great Community Theater should be on everyone’s list. I think that’s the direction it is heading!

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