November 13, 2019

Leaky Pot

Roll Call:

Robert, Toi Lyn, Nathan, Derek, Heather, Kelsey, Jonathan, Becky

Reading and approval of the minutes of the preceding meeting:

September 25th minutes motion by Jonathan/second by Kelsey to approve with amendment to Derek’s report that a credit card reader was ordered, not purchased. Motion passed. October 21st minutes motion by Nathan/second by Jonathan to approve as presented. Motion passed.

Review and approval of bills:

Derek Olson reimbursement of $396.85 for Christmas show scripts/royalties.

Report of the Executive Director:

  • Working on getting historic budgets from the city to help us establish new working budget.
  • Credit card reader has not arrived yet. Following up with Arts People.
  • Arts People site is live and we are currently updating it with data/newsletter/membership information.
  • BFACT website design is finished and the site is being built. This will incorporate Arts People as we go along.
  • Ticket prices will be $15 adults/$13 youth and we will absorb processing fees at this time.
  • Shows in the works. Christmas show will be December 21st @ 7pm and December 22nd @ 2pm at BFACC. Budgets are being drafted for two summer shows (Don’t Dress for Dinner and Clue). Reva Potter is working on a murder mystery dinner theater for Fall 2020. Carrie Donovan is chairing Mr. Beautiful Fork for April 2020 production.
  • Meetings with mayor/city - City is adding storage onto the upper level and we’ve requested racks to hang costumes be included in the plans. They may be adding external storage to the building that could hold flats and (maybe?) a workshop.
  • A “Contract for Theater Services” is currently under review by ED, BOD and the City of Belle Fourche. (See attached) Derek will take BOD concerns back to the City for reconsideration.

Reports of Officers and Committees:

  • Presiden t- No report
  • Vice President - See new business
  • Treasurer - Current account balance is $1685. All funds acquired at the annual meeting have been deposited. Account credit card is activated.
  • Secretary - All meeting agendas and minutes are in the BOD shared drive.
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee - Donor levels/Sponsorship forms are being worked on. Current template is available for review tonight. Derek will upload completed forms on the website. Heather is working on a fundraising event at The Leaky Pot.
  • Membership Committee - Current paid members are being put into Arts People- we have 12 members/volunteers at this time. Newsletter to members will be sent out via email.
  • Public Relations Committee - Nathan needs items for the newsletter by November 16th. A budget is necessary in order to start placing Facebook ads. Volunteers are needed for putting up posters/flyers for upcoming events.

Old and unfinished business:

  1. Director contract - Discussion was finalized regarding the Executive Director contract. Motion by Nathan, seconded by Heather to adopt the Executive Director contract with the following revisions: Change “Contractor” to “Independent Contractor” throughout the document. Remove “prior written notice” from the termination clause. Add payment date of “1st working day of the following quarter” to compensation clause. Add clause for back payment of $1875 for work performed from July- September 2019 to be split into four equal payments, paid quarterly beginning with October 2019 quarter. Motion passed.
  2. Plan of Action/Strategic Plan - Motion by Jonathan, seconded by Heather to move this item to an online discussion amongst BOD. Motion passed.
  3. Mission statement - Motion by Jonathan, seconded by Heather to move this item to an online discussion amongst BOD. Motion passed.
  4. Budget request from city - Derek is working on getting previous years’ budgets from the city.

New business:

  1. Christmas Show - Toi needs help for various tech and support positions. Derek is working on posters and online advertising for the show.
  2. Budgets - Toi, Derek and Nathan are working on budgets for the proposed upcoming shows. A request will be made to the city for the $1600 that had been allocated for theater upgrades to be given to BFACT for seed money. We need a list of local businesses that may set up charge accounts for show supplies.
  3. Nathan will set up an Amazon Smile account and share information so that people can make donations through Amazon purchases. This is a no cost opportunity for additional donation funds.


  1. Motion by Jonathan, seconded by Toi to authorize Robert to procure a post office box for BFACT. Motion passed.
  2. Creative Committee report will be added to future agendas.
  3. A special meeting to discuss and finalize Christmas Show budget will be held on November 18th @ 7:30pm at The Leaky Pot

Next BOD meeting:

December 5th @ 7pm at The Leaky Pot


Motion by Nathan, seconded by Jonathan to adjourn @ 9pm.

Respectfully submitted by Becky Tinsley, Secretary

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