August 2022

You Can't Take It With You

Enjoy one of the all time

theater classics this summer

The Show

You Can’t Take It With You opened in New York in December of 1936 to instant critical and popular acclaim. This depiction of a delightfully eccentric family, the third collaboration by playwrights George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart, proved to be their most successful and and longest-running work. Awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1936, the comedy went on to run 837 performances on Broadway and the 1938 film won an Academy Award for best picture. Perenially appealing to audiences, You Can’t Take It With You has become an American classic, regularly produced by high schools, colleges, and community theaters around the country. 

You Can’t Take It With You relates the humorous encounter between a conservative family and the crazy household of Grandpa Martin Vanderhof. Grandpa’s family of idiosyncratic individualists amuse with their energetic physical antics and inspire with their wholehearted pursuit of happiness. Kaufman and Hart fill the stage with chaotic activity from beginning to end. Critics have admired the witty one-liners, the visual theatricalism, and the balanced construction of the play’s three acts.

A man can't give up his business.

Why not? You've got all the money you need. You can't take it with you.

Mr. Kirby speaking to Grandpa

Sub Image
The Sycamore and Kirby family don't get along and Alice and Tony are stuck in the middle.

You Can't Take It With You Cast

  • Penelope Sycamore: Sharon Thompson
  • Essie: Lucy Cole
  • Rheba: Kelsey Gronlund
  • Paul Sycamore: Heather Pittman
  • Mr. De Pinna: Debbie Minter
  • Ed: Carston Sechser
  • Donald: Jonathan Tinsley
  • M. Vanderhoff: Toi Lyn Flick
  • Alice: Emma Tinsley
  • Henderson/Man 1: Nathan Schreier
  • Tony Kirby: Derek Flick
  • Boris Kolenkhov: Sentel Johnson
  • Gay Wellington: Angela Hastings
  • Mr Kirby: Derek Olson
  • Mrs Kirby: Allie Verry
  • Man 2: Matthew Pittman
  • The Grand Duchess Olga/Man 3: Chyann Cody

You Can't Take It With You Creative

  • Director: Nathan Schreier
  • Assistant Director: Allie Verry
  • Producer: Derek Olson
  • Lights & Sond: Aria Olson
  • Props Master: Becky Tinsley
  • Assistant Props Master: Angela Hastings
  • Costumer: Reva Potter
  • Schreier Engineering
  • Jackson Dental
  • SME Treats
  • Runnings
  • FLYT Steakhouse
  • Tim Speidel Business & Tax Service, LLC
  • Black Hills Title Company
  • tdg
  • Black Hills Diner
  • Open Space Creative
  • Double Star Computing
  • Grap's Burgers & Brews
  • First Interstate Bank
  • Pioneer Bank & Trust

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