April 2022

Take a Bow: A Night of Comedic One Acts

Enjoy a night

of comedic one acts!

The Shows

Pandora's Revenge by Pat Cook

Simpkins pouring tea for Mr. Hanover

The story goes, according to legend, that when Pandora's box was opened all sorts of pleasures and evils escaped. Just what sort of package has Marvin Hanover opened, he wonders, as he tries to sell insurance to Miss Thorndyke. First, she really isn't Miss Thorndyke—she's Ida Simpkins and she doesn't actually live at the address she gave him over the phone. She seems to have more questions for Marvin than he ever saw on any application. Panicked by the evening news and her rundown neighborhood, she grills Marvin like a hamburger patty. Lines fly fast and ferociously in this cat-and-mouse adventure with Marvin wondering just who's the cat and who's the mouse.

Boise, Idaho by Sean Michael Welch

Olston and Chastity are mad at each other because of the Narrator

The narrator of a story dutifully chronicles the meeting of a couple in a small cafe in Paris, France, only to start losing control of his characters once they realize he exists. Blending the lines between fiction and truth, this hilarious play examines what should triumph: reality, or a good story.

Self HELP! by Derek Olson

Tim, Amanda and Jen summon Abaddon

A night of gaming becomes anything but when the dread demon Abaddon is summoned. Three friends want Abaddon to fix the various problems in their lives but he has his own ideas and things don't go quite like anyone expects them to. This comedic one act is all about getting what you want isn't always what you imagine.

Coffeehouse Hotel by Derek Olson

Maeve can't let Tristan be

Come enjoy your stay at the Coffeehouse Hotel. Or actually, you can't enjoy yourself at the coffeehouse or the hotel. That may not make a lot of sense but in this fast-paced comedy, Tristan just wants to get his room and a latte but the sisters Maeve and Maeve aren't going to make it easy.

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That... that is pretty messed up, I mean I am a creature of pure evil and terror, but this boss sounds, really gross.

Abaddon from Self-HELP!

Sub Image
Olston (Tyler Schone) and Chastity (Heather Pittman) are annoyed because the Narrator (Allie Verry) decided they were

Take a Bow: A Night of Comedic One Acts Cast

  • Pandora's Revenge
  • Ida: Shirlene Joseph
  • Marvin: Louis Mehlhaff
  • Announcer: Kylee Jones
  • Boise, Idaho
  • Waiter: Tyler Soldatke
  • Olston: Tyler Schone
  • Chastity: Heather Pittman
  • Narrator: Allie Verry
  • Self-HELP!
  • Abaddon: Garrett Merrow
  • Tim: Nathan Schreier
  • Jen: Kelsey Gronlund
  • Amanda: Sentel Schreier
  • Coffeehouse Hotel
  • Maeve: Kylee Jones
  • Tristan: Tyler Soldatke

Take a Bow: A Night of Comedic One Acts Creative

  • Pandora's Revenge
  • Director: Derek Olson & Allie Verry
  • Written By: Pat Cook
  • Boise, Idaho
  • Director: Derek Olson
  • Written By: Sean Michael Welch
  • Self-HELP!
  • Director: Allie Verry
  • Written By: Derek Olson
  • Coffeehouse Hotel
  • Director: Derek Olson & Allie Verry
  • Written By: Derek Olson
  • Producer: Derek Olson
  • Poster Design: Derek Olson

Produced by special arrangement with the Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, inc.

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