July 21, 2021 Minutes

Leaky Pot
7:00 PM

Taken by Nathan Schreier in lieu of regular secretary Becky Tinsley

Roll Call:

ToiLyn Flick, Nathan Schreier, Robert Soderstrom, Heather Pittman, Kelsey Gronlund, Jonathan Tinsley

Reading and approval of the minutes of the preceding meeting:

Approved as presented

Report of the Executive Director: 

Due to traveling and personal issues I don’t have much to report for July. I did hand off some of my duties to board members to help me out and I really appreciate that help. I have been talking with Kelsey and Heather about some possible grants that are coming up very soon. Hopefully we will be able to apply for those.

We should make a push for Members before October and the next Annual Meeting. I will work with Jonathan and Nathan on this. I have been talking to cast members about the membership as well.

Review and approval of bills:


Reports of Officers and Committees: 

  • President
    • We need to change address for annual report to SD.
  • Vice President
    • Nothing to report
  • Treasurer
    • Balance is 7864.756806.35, all income deposited and bills paid.
  • Secretary
    • N/A
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee
    • Nothing new to report at this time.
  • Membership Committee
    • N/A
  • Public Relations Committee
    • Plans for upcoming promotion: table tents, ticket/restaurant deals
    • Reva Potter joined Public Relations Committee
  • Creative Committee
    • Arsenic and Old Lace
      • We have just started Arsenic and Old Lace and the show is starting off really strong. Toi did the casting for the show for me and I really appreciate it. I will be needing some help to build the set and I will be working on recruiting an actual tech team for this. Nathan is going to be working on some new ways to advertise this show so I am looking forward to that.
    • Mr. Beautiful Fork
      • I have spoken with Carrie and we have a tentative date for Mr. Beautiful Fork, October 11. I am working with Grap’s on availability now, so once I have that locked in we will start advertising it. We are going to have to find some new contestants for this year, some of the ones we had last time have moved since then. I am really excited to get this up and running and I think it will do really well for us.
    • Storage @ Rec Center - Derek in talks with Nate V from Rec Center

Old and unfinished business:

Discretionary spending up to 200$ approved for Derek

Greater amounts to be approved by board,

Motioned by Nathan to vote, Seconded by Heather, Unanimous Approval

New business:

Virtual programs proposed by Robert, Derek will look into

Annual Report - Officers need to get their reports to Derek

XMas show dates - tentative set for Dec 10th

Discussed idea of paying directors to incentivise growth - Derek to investigate

Discussion of partnering with Purple Pride to get more volunteers

Next meeting:

Tentatively set for Aug. 31st, @ 7PM @ The Leaky Pot


Motion to adjourn by Nathan/seconded by Heather.  Motion carried.

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