April 21, 2021 Minutes

Zoom Meeting
7:00 PM

Roll Call:

Robert Soderstrom, ToiLyn Flick, Nathan Schreier, Heather Pittman, Derek Olson, Jonathan Tinsley, Becky Tinsley

Reading and approval of the minutes of the preceding meeting:

Motion to approve Jonathan/Nathan- motion passed.

Review and approval of bills:

Derek has been paid his wages.

Report of the Executive Director:


We have 12 current sponsors now. Al Schreier is going to help me reach out to other businesses to keep up our sponsorship efforts. I am hoping to still pick up at least five more sponsors this summer if not more.

SD Arts Council

We received the Arts Council grant we applied for. It is $3,500 and can only be used for salary. This will cover my salary for most of the rest of the season. I am working with Kelsey to get all the documents submitted.

Office Work

I have a volume printer that will work well to print scripts and other materials we will need for theater but it is out of toner. Toner costs $170, I would like to submit this for BFACT to pay for since it will be used for BFACT work.

Reports of Officers and Committees: 

  • President
    • After experience with another community theater group- suggest creating a stage director and/or assistant director training for any interested individuals.
  • Vice President
    • Chamber of Commerce has asked her to direct an 1885 bank robbery reenactment for the River Festival on June 12th.
  • Treasurer
    • Bank account $5,459.53
    •  Arts People: Marie Subiate -$5.00 (4/1), Kristine Pickup $5.00 (4/2), Bob and Laura Olson $5.00 (4/7) for Shakespeare Online show.
  • Secretary
    • No updates at this time
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee
    • Planning to tie fundraisers into the upcoming season.
  • Membership Committee
    • Write up for online publication about membership is in the shared drive. New plan is to have a membership sign up table at live shows. 
  • Public Relations Committee
    • Plan to use membership write up by Jonathan in social media postings. Scheduling social media posts with a plan for 1-2 posts per day regarding upcoming events and membership/sponsorship opportunities.
  • Creative Committee
    • The Show Must Go On
      • I am working on the budget for this show and will have it for May’s meeting. Auditions are on May 3 at the Rec Center. I am directing the three one acts with Collin Hockenbary and Rachel Johnson as Assistant Directors. Practices will start May 10 and the show is June 18 - 20.
    • Arsenic & Old Lace
      • We will need to order 17 scripts for Arsenic and Old Lace, which will be $170. I would like to get these ordered this month so we have them ready. I will be directing this show with Hanna Bricker assisting me. Auditions will be July 12 and the show August 27 - 29. I will have a budget for this at June’s meeting. Motion by ToiLyn/Jonathan to approve up to $170 for purchase of scripts- motion passed.
    • Art Thou Virtual?
      • Our Shakespeare show is progressing great. Practices are happening and the show is May 14 at 7pm. I will begin pushing selling tickets hard after this week. Hopefully we will do well with ticket sales. We are doing the show at Venue 519 and they are sponsoring the show so they aren’t charging us rental.
    • Workshops
      • I am still hoping to do the workshops but I think it will be later summer. I just haven’t had time to work out all the details yet.

Old and unfinished business:

None at this time.

New business: 

Derek requesting $170 to purchase toner for an existing printer to help in office needs of BFACT. Motion by Jonathan/Heather to approve purchase of toner up to $170- motion passed.

July 4th Parade- We need to start planning for this year’s float entry. Derek will be out of town. ToiLyn will head a committee to plan for this event.


None at this time.

Next Meeting:

Monday, May 24th @ 6pm via Zoom.


Motion to adjourn by Nathan/Heather.

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