November 10, 2021 Agenda

Grap's/Zoom Meeting
6:30 PM

Call To Order: 

Roll Call:

Reading and Approval of the Minutes of the Preceding Meeting:

Review and Approval of Bills:

Executive Director Report:

I have been working in the Rec Center over the last month on improving the sound in there. I have now made it so we have four speakers instead of two, and two will be in the back of the house to help with the overall sound. There is now easy access to use a monitor on the stage.

I have also been working hard on grants and sponsorships. As of today we have Schreier Engineering, Double Star Computing, tdg, Open Space Creative, Tim Speidel Business and Tax Service, and First Interstate Bank as sponsors. FLyT, Pioneer Bank & Trust and Runnings are all going to sponsor again, I am just waiting on checks. Morris Law Office also donated $100. Once Mr. Beautiful Fork is finished I will hit sponsorships very hard. I applied for another grant through Black Hills Energy but we won’t hear back on that for a while. I looked into Wal-Mart, but we can’t apply again until next year.

I heard back that we will be receiving another SD Arts Council Grant. I don’t have details yet but I did apply for $5,000 so we will see the full amount. Update: We have been awarded $5,500!

Officer Reports: 

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Creative Committee
    • I am working on scheduling a committee meeting this month. Right now we have a good plan for the coming season, but there are still a lot of specifics to figure out.
      • Christmas Show
      • I think the Christmas Show is moving forward well right now. Toi is handling the show but I will start working on marketing this week for the show and work closely with Toi on it. Are there people interested in helping with the bake sale with this show?
    • Mr. Beautiful Fork
      • Everything is progressing well with the show. We have sold 22 tickets so far, which I think is pretty good. I am hoping for a full house. I will talk to specific people about specific jobs this week.
  • Public Relations
  • Membership Committee
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee

Old Business:

New Business:

  • Assign new committee chairs to vacant positions

Next meeting:


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  • Schreier Engineering
  • Jackson Dental
  • Pioneer Bank & Trust
  • First Interstate Bank
  • Runnings
  • Tim Speidel Business & Tax Service, LLC
  • Black Hills Title Company
  • FLYT Steakhouse
  • Open Space Creative
  • tdg
  • Double Star Computing

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