December 2021

Four To Go For Christmas

Our Annual Tradition

is back in person!

The Christmas Caper
by George Novakov JR
Night of the New & Improved Christmas
by Christina Hamlett
Christmas with the Cratchits
by Christina Hamlett
Million Dollar Christmas
by John DePrine

Four To Go For Christmas is four fun and funny Christmas plays. In The Christmas Caper Santa is kidnapped by a little-known fairytale character who just wants to be popular. In The Night of the New and Improved Christmas, a Madison Avenue public relations firm wants to update Santa and the whole holiday tradition. In Christmas With the Cratchits, Tiny Tim's family is ecstatic when they think they've won the lottery. In Million Dollar Christmas, three of the most miserly people ever known must give away a million dollars by midnight on Christmas Eve.

But elves, I'm confused. What do I need with a consulting firm way up here in the North Pole?

Santa - Night of the New and Improved Christmas

Sub Image
Latisha (Emma Tinsley) attacks Officer Kelly (Nathan Schreier)

Four To Go For Christmas Cast

  • A Christmas Caper
  • Santa Claus: Nathan Thompson
  • Gretsel: Rebecca Gray
  • Dew Spirit: Anya Jones
  • Elf 1: Ryker Biggs
  • Elf 2: Kaeli Thompson
  • Elf 3: Hayden Kidd
  • Elf 4: Cade Pearson
  • Elf 5: Ember Olson
  • Dew Droplets: Talia Thompson, Kylie Bidwell
  • Reindeer 1: Bethan McGuiggan
  • Reindeer 2: Gunner Olson-Patton
  • Reindeer 3: Piper Davis
  • Reindeer 4: Titus Thompson
  • Night of the New and Improved Christmas
  • Santa Claus: Nathan Schreier
  • Mrs. Claus: Sharon Thompson
  • Nathaniel: Gunner Olson-Patton
  • Celia: Kylie Bidwell
  • Peggy: Piper Davis
  • Rupert: Titus Thompson
  • J.J. Wrinkleton: Wesley Allen
  • Ms. Berman: Taisa Stocks
  • T. R. Fitzhugh: Tim Thompson
  • Reindeer: Ryker Biggs, Kaeli Thompson, Cade Pearson, Hayden Kidd, Ember Olson and Talia Thompson
  • Christmas with the Cratchits
  • Robin Bleach: Rachel Johnson
  • Bob Cratchit: Tyler Schone
  • Erma Cratchit: Colleen Anderson
  • Ebenezer Scrooge: Jonathan Tinsley
  • Vera: Bethan McGuiggan
  • Sheila: Alyssa Frisbie
  • Cecily: Evie Stearns
  • Tim: Carston Scheser
  • Million Dollar Christmas
  • Narrator: Sloan Benedict
  • Felicia Blosh: Chyann Cody
  • Latisha Blosh: Emma Tinsley
  • Renee Blosh: April Stuart
  • First Clerk: Kylee Jones
  • Second Clerk-: Taisa Stocks
  • First Shopper: Alyssa Frisbie
  • Second Shopper: Evie Stearns
  • Santa Claus: Carston Sechser
  • Haskell: Rebecca Gray
  • Officer Kelly: Nathan Schreier

Four To Go For Christmas Creative

  • Director: Toi Lyn Flick
  • Assistant Director: Becky Tinsley
  • Christmas Carols: Anna Robins
  • Lights: Jessie Johnson
  • Sound: Collin Hockenbary

Produced by special arrangement with Eldridge Publishing Co

  • Schreier Engineering
  • Jackson Dental
  • SME Treats
  • Tim Speidel Business & Tax Service, LLC
  • Double Star Computing
  • tdg
  • Runnings
  • Grap's Burgers & Brews
  • Pioneer Bank & Trust
  • Black Hills Diner
  • Black Hills Title Company
  • FLYT Steakhouse
  • First Interstate Bank
  • Open Space Creative

    SD Arts Council

    Support is provided with funds from the State of South Dakota, through the Department of Tourism and the National Endowment for the Arts