June 2021

The Show Must Go On: A Night of Comedic One-Act Plays

BFACT is back with

a night of one acts

This show was a huge success and a lot of fun, especially given it was the first in-person stage show since December 2019

The Shows

Collections cast

Collections tells the story of a group of workers at a call center on what might be their last day before their branch shuts down. Just because they are bad at their jobs doesn't mean they will go down without a fight! This fast-paced comedy has lots of laughs and lots of absurdity. That is unless you've worked in a call center, then you might have actually met these characters before.

School Spirit

School Spirit is about different groups of people who break into a local High School on a Saturday. They may have all broken in for their own reasons but they have one thing in common, a ghost that doesn't want them there! Join these teachers, janitors, students, nerds and graduates as they find out it is easy to break-in, getting out is the hard part. This comedy is co-written by first-time local author Toi Lyn Flick.

Doctor Vile

Doctor Vile is about the eponymous villain and his efforts to get into the villain's union, V.E.N.O.M. The only thing standing in his way is an over-the-hill super spy, potential love, an evaluator who has no time for his nonsense and a whole bunch ofincompetence. Don't worry though, he won't let that stand in his way. This comedy was co-written by local theater director Nathan Schreier.

Mr. Brawn is referring to V.E.N.O.M. Villains Evil Network Of Malignancy. We are a union that allows professional villains all across the globe to pool resources, share secrets, technology, that sort of thing. We are top tier villainy.

Evaluator - Dr. Vile

Sub Image
Miss Hawkes (Carrie Donovan) has a heart-to-heart with Superintendent Olson (Matt Pittman)

The Show Must Go On: A Night of Comedic One-Act Plays Cast

  • School Spirit
  • Rance: Loki Larive
  • Carlie: Alyssa Frisbie
  • Garrett: Braedyn Neri
  • Bastian: Carston Sechser
  • Roxanne: Olivia Furrow
  • Howard: Sydnee Richardson
  • Pat: Sentel Johnson
  • Miss Hawkes: Carrie Donovan
  • Wylie: Colleen Anderson
  • Carter: Nathan Schreier
  • Marc: Collin Hockenbary
  • Sandi: Heather Pittman
  • Superintendent Olson: Matt Pittman
  • Collections
  • Cam: Nathan Schreier
  • Jodie: Sentel Johnson
  • Brenda: Heather Pittman
  • Nancy: Sydnee Richardson
  • Sally: Alyssa Frisbie
  • Chad: Loki Larive
  • Elsa: Rachel Johnson
  • Pat: Derek Olson
  • Phil: Braedyn Neri
  • Mark: Carston Sechser
  • Doctor Vile
  • Dr. Vile: Collin Hockenbary
  • Max Brawn: Derek Olson
  • Evaluator: Sydnee Richardson
  • Henchman: Carrie Donovan
  • Ted: Nathan Schreier
  • Allyssa: Heather Pittman

The Show Must Go On: A Night of Comedic One-Act Plays Creative

  • Collections
  • Director: Collin Hockenbary & Derek Olson
  • Written By: Derek Olson
  • School Spirit
  • Director: Rachel Johnson & Derek Olson
  • Written By: Toi Lyn Flick & Cynthia Rasmussen
  • Doctor Vile
  • Director: Rachel Johnson & Derek Olson
  • Written By: Derek Olson & Nathan Schreier
  • Crew
  • Lights: Jessie Johnson
  • Black Hills Energy
  • Jackson Dental
  • Wells Plumbing & Supplies
  • FLYT
  • tdg
  • First Interstate Bank
  • Bunney's Body & Collision Repair Center Inc.
  • Pioneer Bank and Trust
  • Black Hills Title
  • Runnings
  • Carl's Trailer Sales
  • Open Space Creative
  • Tim Speidel Business & Tax, LLC
  • Double Star Computing