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The Little Town of Christmas

Here's a comedy package of 12 yuletide sketches just perfect to give your audience for an evening's entertainment this Christmas! Everybody in the little town of Christmas is friendly and funny and you'll meet them all, including Skeezix and Sylvester, an elf comedy team that is short in stature and long in laughter; Dancer, the reindeer with a whacky sense of humor; Mrs. Claus, the REAL boss of the outfit; and a hilarious street corner Santa, tested and almost bested by one tough little kid with a sticky sucker.

Also included are old favorite stories such as "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" and "A Christmas Carol," updated and aimed right for the funny bone, of course. Throw in a wandering group of carolers who cough and sneeze on cue, three kids trying their best to be wise men in the Christmas play, and a riotous lecture on Christmas etiquette, and you're in for an evening of holiday laughter and warmth.

I help him out. In my little way, standing on this corner, I do what I can. And you should too.

Santa, Scene 5

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The Narrators - Photo by Anna Robins

The Little Town of Christmas Cast

  • Candy: Kalika Nulle
  • Joy: Naomi Bricker
  • Noel: Victoria Donovan
  • News Anchor: Jessica Carr
  • Announcer: Colleen Anderson
  • Newswoman: Alexandra Arnold
  • Helen: Searraha Droppers
  • Mischievous Kid: Piper Davis
  • Mischievous Kid: Kyra Buckley
  • Professor Plum: Wyatt Lesmeister
  • Mayor: Darian Pesicka
  • Hi: Darin Newton
  • Hi’s Wife: Alyssa Frisbie
  • Man: CJ Gains
  • Skeezix: April Stuart
  • Sylvester: Melissa Gaines
  • Maestro: Darin Newton
  • Hiccuper: Kaitlyn Thompson
  • Sneezer: Sharon Thompson
  • Cougher: Taran Garman
  • Interviewer: Kim BlackBonnet
  • Announcer/Dancer: Colleen Anderson
  • Santa: Nathan Schreier
  • Kid: Kyra Buckley
  • Mrs. Claus: Sarah Wheaton
  • Carolers: Jeselyn Carr, Ryker Biggs, Kaeli Thompson, Kim BlackBonnet, Zach Tonsager, Carlie Reeves, Darian Pesicka, Morgan Martin & Carston Sechser
  • Kid 1: April Stuart
  • Kid 2: Nathan Schreier
  • Kid 3: Melissa Gaines
  • Sad Santa: Loki Larive
  • Newscaster: Alexandra Arnold
  • Claude: Loki Larive
  • Professor Hollie: Sharon Thompson
  • Woman 1: Jessica Carr
  • Woman 2: Taran Garman
  • Waitress 1: Paige Mertens
  • Waitress 2: Morgan Martin
  • Sister 1: Aurora Larive
  • Sister 2: Jeselyn Carr
  • Melchior: Alyssa Frisbie
  • Balthazar: Zach Tonsager
  • Casper: Darian Pesicka
  • Woman: Alyssa Frisbie
  • Scrooge: Darin Newton
  • Cratchit: Carston Sechser
  • Jacob Marley: Nathan Schreier
  • Ghost 1: Carlie Reeves
  • Alice: Alyssa Frisbie
  • Ghost 2: Aurora Larive
  • Tiny Tim: Ryker Biggs
  • Ghost 3: Kaeli Thompson
  • Girl: Piper Davis
  • Shoppers: Wyatt Lesmeister, Searraha Droppers & Paige Mertens

The Little Town of Christmas Creative

  • Director: Toi Lyn Flick & Carrie Donovan
  • Stage Manager: Alex Anderson
  • Lights: Derek Olson & Chloe Merjil
  • Sound: Katie Anderson

Produced by special arrangement with Eldridge Publishing Co.

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    SD Arts Council

    Support is provided with funds from the State of South Dakota, through the Department of Tourism and the National Endowment for the Arts