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With five packages to choose from, we’re confident we’ve got one to suit your business. We’re also open to negotiating in-kind sponsorships as well as sponsorships of over $5,000. If you have any questions please contact us, also we are more than happy to meet with you in person. For all playbill ads you may submit your own or have the artists at BFACT create one for you. You can download our Sponsorship Information here.

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Our 2020

Season and Events

Mr. Beautiful Fork 2020

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Jupiter & Mars

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Episodes 1 - 3 Available!
  • Schreier Engineering
  • Jackson Dental
  • Midwest Closet
  • Carl's Trailer Sales
  • Southern Belle's Daycare
  • The Leaky Pot
  • Double Star Computing
  • Open Space Creative
  • Wells Plumbing & Supplies
  • Lynn's Dakotamart
  • tdg
  • Bunney's Body & Collision Repair Center
  • FLYT Steakhouse