Special Meeting June 26, 2019 Minutes

Members present:

Reva Potter, Terry Hoscheid, Colleen Anderson, Becky Tinsley, Jonathan Tinsley, Darin Newton, Kathryn Anderson, Alex Anderson, Carrie Donovan, Sarah Wheaton, Heather Pittman, Matthew Pittman, Kelsey Gronlund, Gregory Todd, Angela Hastings, Geno Pesicka, Robert W. Soderstrom, Toi Lyn Flick, Nathan Schreier, Derek Olson, Anna Robinson



Call to Order:

At 7:24pm the meeting was called to order by Toi Lyn Flick. Toi Lyn opened the meeting with the purpose of holding elections to create a Board of Directors for Belle Fourche Community Theatre.

Old Business:

  1. Discussion was held on the purpose for the reorganization of the Belle Fourche Community Theatre group, led by Robert W. Soderstrom and Toi Lyn Flick.

New business:

  1. Nathan Schreier led a discussion of the expectations and roles of BOD Officers and Members. President and Secretary will serve for a three-year term initially, Vice President, Treasurer and At Large Members will serve a two-year term to ensure that leadership will be consistent moving forward. President and Secretary positions will move to a two-year term after 2022.
  2. Members present acknowledged their understanding of the information presented by Nathan and requested that interested candidates be nominated and elections move forward at this meeting. Each nominee gave a brief explanation of their desire for the position and applicable qualifications. Following is a summary of nomination/seconding and voting results:
    • President: Robert W. Soderstrom (Becky/Nathan) Unanimous verbal vote. Term 2019-2022.
    • Vice President: Jonathan Tinsley (Sara/Alex) and Toi Lyn Flick (Geno/Reva). Jonathan withdrew nomination. Toi Lyn Flick unanimous verbal vote. Term 2019-2021.
    • Secretary: Nathan Schreier (Terry/none), Becky Tinsley (Carrie/Sarah), Jonathan Tinsley (Nathan/none). Nathan and Jonathan declined nominations. Becky Tinsley unanimous verbal vote. Term 2019-2022.
    • Treasurer: Kelsey Gronlund (Heather/Anna) and Angela Hastings (Katie/none). Angela declined the nomination. Kelsey Gronlund unanimous verbal vote. Term 2019-2021.
    • At Large board members: Gregory Todd (Self/Nathan), Nathan Schreier (Terry/Geno), Heather Pittman (Derek/Kelsey), Jonathan Tinsley (Sarah/Anna), Carrie Donovan (Reva/Nathan). All members present were directed to select three candidates by written ballot. Robert, Toi Lyn and Derek collected ballots and tallied results. Heather Pittman, Nathan Schreier and Jonathan Tinsley were elected. Terms 2019-2021.

Other business:

  1. July 4th Parade participation – Derek sent out a Facebook poll for interest in having a promotional float in the Belle Fourche July 4th parade. Derek reports that the majority polled would like to participate this year. He has registered BFCT in the parade, will get a banner printed and suggested using a pickup with additional walkers (unless someone is willing to get a trailer). Derek asked all participants to be at the parade line up on 13th Avenue before 10:30am on July 4th. (Parade route details can be found at www.blackhillsroundup.com/events ). Reva and Terry will provide candy for the float and encouraged others to bring additional candy if they would like to contribute.
  2. Name change – Discussion was held on changing the name of the organization. Heather advised that the group should consider keeping the name Belle Fourche Community Theatre in order to show organizational longevity for grant application purposes. Becky proposed adding the word Area to the name in order to encourage participation from people in communities surrounding Belle Fourche. Discussion will be revisited at a later date.

Agenda items for next meeting:

  1. Bylaws – Jonathan has templates.
  2. Non-profit status application – Discuss and formalize plan for online application process. Kelsey will check to see if there is anything specific to S.D. rules for this application.
  3. Executive Director position – Derek will create a press release to formally advertise for the position in local papers and on social media. Applications will be taken through July 8, 2019. Review of applications and candidate selection to be held at July 11, 2019 board meeting. Revisit expectations and compensation for work duties.
  4. At Large Board Member – discuss assignment of duties
  5. Membership dues – Research impact on Non-profit status
  6. Mission and Vision Statements – formalize for Non-profit application and promotional materials.
  7. Update on social media project from Derek
  8. Revisit organizational name change discussion

Present bills for review:


Next BOD meeting:

July 11, 2019 @ 7pm @ The Leaky Pot, Belle Fourche, SD


President Soderstrom adjourned the meeting at 9:30pm.

Respectfully submitted by Becky Tinsley, BFCT Secretary

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