September 28, 2022 Minutes

BF Rec Center/Zoom
6:15 PM


Toi Lyn Flick


Toi Lyn Flick, Kelsey Gronlund, Nathan Schreier, Derek Olson, Emma Tinsley, Becky Tinsley, Heather Pittman, Angela Hastings



Most of the last month has been preparing for upcoming shows. Auditions were held and the cast set for the upcoming one-acts. We have started practice and everything is moving along great. I have been in contact with the other theaters getting everything organized.

We have also received our last check from our ARP grant we got through SD Arts Council. I am currently going through other grants to find ones that we qualify for and will start submitting requests to see what we can get.

I have been in contact with Nate at the Rec Center about theater upgrades. We had to order a cable to get the new hanging mics working. Once that comes in, I will install three more hanging mics. I am doing some research for Nate on speakers so two more can get ordered for the theater and one for the sound booth. The hope is to get these new speakers, plus the two in the back mounted. We also discussed what it would take to get the sound system in the light booth and how we might upgrade that. Nate is looking into soundboards and/or getting another i-Pad for backup at this time. The city is also starting planning on cold storage and setting money aside, this might be a couple of years off though. We did discuss some other smaller upgrades that could happen in the next year or two as well. We discussed the curtains and unfortunately there is no ETA on when they will be installed. 

Adam N. with school indicated that space for costumes was supposed to be worked on over the summer. Things are still in limbo but we will be notified when things are moving forward.


  • President
    • No updates
  • Vice President
    • No updates
  • Secretary
    • No updates at this time.
  • Treasurer
    • Credit card was stolen. Current bank balance is $12,010.81.
  • Creative Committee
    • Meeting
      • We will be having a meeting on October 17th to solidify next year’s season and to discuss the upcoming gala in November.
    • Getting Our Acts Together
      • Practices have started for the show and everything is going great so far. I have got tickets created and we can start selling them for our performance. We will need a few volunteers for October 16 for bake sale and tickets and such for anyone who can help.
    • Hitchcock
      • Auditions are set for October 6th and we have been promoting this. I have been working with Jessie Johnson on SFX for the show he will be handling. As soon as the one-acts are done we will start promoting this heavily. We will be selling up to 100 tickets for this show.
    • Christmas Show
      • Auditions October 9 @ 4pm and 10 @ 7pm at Rec Center. Purchasing licensing/script approximately $600. Consider borrowing costumes from Matthew’s or Lead. Angela also proposed renting costumes from BHCC in Rapid City
  • Public Relations
    • Ads for Christmas Show are in Belle Fourche magazine. Quilt tickets are selling well. Selecting design for Friendsgiving invitations for Nov. 12th @ Graps from 5pm-8pm.
  • Membership Committee
    • Email newsletter did not work. Tech support from Arts People was not helpful. Consider posting it to social media and website. Derek recommended emailing Arts People to get support.
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee
    • No update


  1. Quilt Raffle- print formal posters to travel with the quilt. Nathan will design and print posters to be distributed around town.
  2. Parade of Lights- Update on dates and float. November 25th is potential scheduled dates. Will need someone to head up float coordination.
  3. Polar express- December 17th someone will need to dress as Scrooge for this event. 



Thursday, October 27th @ 7pm @ Graps


Angela, Nathan

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