September 25, 2019 Minutes

Leaky Pot

Roll Call:

Robert, Toi Lyn, Heather, Kelsey, Nathan, Jonathan & Derek. Becky arrived @ 7:30pm

Reading and approval of the minutes of the preceding meeting:

Motion to Accept ToiLyn, Second Nathan

Review and approval of bills:


Reports of the Executive Director:

  • Arts People – Registered, in process. Needs bank account information. Ordered credit card reader $30 for in-person credit card reading.
  • Website needs further developments, they will wait.
  • G-Suite Verification process: need to confirm Non-Profit status
  • Founders Email sent out
  • Website design, nearly done, progress made, welcome input from board, progress will continue
  • Contact mayor about use of Rec Center, will coordinate
  • Derek will message Purple Pride again
  • State Arts Festival is coming up and they are taking proposals for different things. May be worthwhile for us to propose something; helps with visibility and networking for future things and/or funds. Derek would like help coming up with ideas. Toi will assist.
  • Tomorrow night, 7:30 at Matthews Opera House introduction of new executive director. Might be nice if some of us can go. Derek plans to attend if possible.
    Derek did check and get some prices for shows, so he will begin checking into that. Playscripts royalties run around $80.

Reports of Officers and Committees:

  • President
    • Robert advised a life update: Sarah will be induced Monday, so he is very busy at the moment.
    • Received state certificate of non-profit status – COST: 30$
  • Vice President
    • Renee has asked costumes to be purged, Toi & Conrad worked on it
    • Mayor & Renee still inquiring after progress of storage
    • Terry will likely not build units, purchase storage.
    • Do not allow plan to detract from new plan to build external
  • Treasurer
    • In conversation with First Interstate, feeling good about partnership, will have conversation to set up with them. Initial set up costs include checks; mandatory initial deposit.
  • Secretary
    • No report
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee
    • Heather (chairperson) report, Derek & Heather sponsorship packages
      • 6 Tiers of Sponsorship involvement- All include, website listing, various ad sizes in programs
      • Less than $250- individual sponsors $250 – 2 Flex tickets
      • $500 – ⅛ page AD – 4 flex tickets
      • $1000- 1/4 Page AD – Signed Poster – 4 flex tickets
      • $1500 ½ page ad – signed poster 4 flex tickets, 2 season passes
      • $2500 full page ad – signed poster 4 season passes
      • $5000+ – Full page backcover, curtain speech callouts – signed poster – 8 season passes
      • $10,000+ – MAGIC
      • Potential sponsorship benefits – Seat preference, possibly distribute coupons [perhaps through arts people tickets] invitations to dress rehearsals, theater tours, meet and greets, discounts even past complimentary. Free theater day – sole advertisement rights, all attendence FREE
      • Potential: Sponsors could be featured in social media & radio advertisement
      • Sponsorship involvement with scholarships? Big donors present scholarships, Black Hills Playhouse Camp – Our own camps
      • Heather brought sample donor form – 2 sheets, breakdown of benefits & application
  • Membership Committee
    • Jonathan (chairperson) No report
  • Public Relations Committee
    • Nathan (chairperson) Newsletter creation – Nathan will like to work on with Jonathan, send out before next general
    • Robert suggests sharing other local theater works in newsletter and creating a “President’s Challenge” to encourage donation/involvement

Old and unfinished business:

  1. Plan of Action/Strategic Plan – Motion by Jonathan/second by Nathan to table strategic plan. Previous show ideas discussed- A Seussified Christmas show, Don’t Dress for Dinner show, War of the Worlds radio show @ Halloween, Dinner Theater, Mr. Beautiful Fork. Motion by Toi Lyn/second by Heather to create Creative Committee, selected by E.D., to move forward with show planning.
  2. Bank account update – See Treasurer report
  3. 501c3 filing update – 501-C3 has been filed/paid by Jonathan, $275 Cost
  4. Code of Conduct – presented for review. Heather will upload to shared file and edit.
  5. Membership application – Jonathan is creating
  6. Mission statement – Motion by Jonathan/second by Nathan to table
  7. Sponsorship tiers – See Grant/Fundraising report
  8. Additional committees – Creative Committee will be formed and chaired by Derek.

New business:

  1. Toi Lyn presented two opportunities for community involvement in October. Old Roosevelt school is looking for help with their haunted house. Members can help as they are willing/available. “Spooktacular” trick or treat event at community center. Robert suggested a table with candy/information about BFACT. Motion by Jonathan/second Kelsey to participate with candy table at community center.
  2. Robert discussed the need to create a budget by requesting income/expense information from the city.
  3. Heather opened the discussion regarding pay for the Executive Director. Part time salary discussed ranged from $7,500-$50,000 per year. More discussion will need to be had to finalize this salary along with E.D. contract structure.


Committee Chairs are to give report/membership lists of additional committees as they are created at BOD meetings.

Annual meeting will be held on October 21, 2019 @ 7:13pm at Grap’s (location pending)

Next BOD meeting:

For planning of Annual Meeting/discuss E.D. contract to be held on October 10, 2019 @ 7pm @ The Leaky Pot


Motion by Kelsey/second Toi Lyn

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