September 23, 2020 Minutes

Zoom Meeting
7:27 PM


Robert Soderstrom, ToiLyn Flick, Kelsey Gronlund, Heather Pittman, Nathan Schreier, Jonathan Tinsley, Becky Tinsley, Derek Olson


Nathan motioned to approve/Jonathan seconded


Heather motioned to approve/Nathan seconded


I have been working on my reports and proposed budgets for the 2020 – 2021 season and they are now on our drive server. 

I am meeting with Nate at the Rec Center next week to talk about theater storage. 

I also received a list from the school about all of their events that will be in the theater. I will be reaching out to the people in charge of those events to find out their needs so we can make sure to provide volunteers to help when needed.

I am working on pushing our 10 x 10 for 10 drive. We have raised some money but I will begin a bigger push on it. It would be helpful if all board members would share the information from Facebook.

I am also going to start filling out our Show Archive on the website so we can push all of the stuff we have done before. I am hoping this can help with donations and sponsorships in the new year, making sure to link us with all the shows that have come before. Any photos people have from previous years is appreciated.

I am working with Kelsey to get the SD Arts Council grant money, there are more forms to fill out than we initially thought.


  • President
    • No Report
  • Vice President
    • The Annual Report was filed with the State of SD.  Cost was $10.
  • Treasurer
    • A grant from the SD Arts Council is being requested.  Current balance is $2816.97. Deposits: $21.81 (tshirt sales), $28.35 (Arts People donation), $767.69 (online auction, bake sale, 10×10). Expenses: $58.55 (Jupiter & Mars, Storytime), $81.50 (credit card charges for advertising).
  • Secretary
    • Please submit employee appraisal for compilation.
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee
    • Remote fundraisers are being discussed.  Will be holding a meeting to discuss what to do with existing sponsors (extend benefits into next season?).
  • Membership Committee
    • Still working on creating a committee.
  • Public Relations Committee
    • Spent money on Jupiter & Mars production and auditions.
  • Creative Committee
    • Storytime Reading
      • I have put Anna in charge of our Spooky Story Fest that will be on Oct 11 in Hermann Park. We will be telling stories, playing songs, having a costume contest and more. We will also be holding a bake sale that Kelsey will be in charge of.
        Requesting $25 advertising budget- Motion by Jonathan/Kelsey
    • 2020 – 2021 Season
      • I met with the creative committee to talk about a tentative season. We are a little hesitant to rush to headfirst into things given we aren’t sure when we will be back to normal. The committee is talking about shows for us to do. We are figuring out a Christmas event of some kind right now. Other than that we are talking about Mr. Beautiful Fork, a main show that might be The Man Who Came to Dinner or Arsenic and Old Lace, a night of one acts and maybe a small third show at Community Hall. Around the first of the year I am hoping we will have a better idea of how things are going to go and then we can finalize and announce everything.
      • Nathan was contacted by Wayne Gilbert of BF Arts Council about working on a joint project to produce a show.  They are wanting to do something traditional (Our Town?).  Nathan will follow up with Wayne for more information and report back.
      • Reva Potter asked about partnering with the BFHS Fine Arts Boosters for their annual talent show.  More information in the future.


  1. Annual meeting to be held on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 @ 7:30pm via Zoom/Facebook Live event.  Information will be on website and social media, along with emails to current members. Motion by ToiLyn/second by Jonathan to spend up to $20 for Facebook ads to promote meeting. BOD needs to have reports submitted by October 5 for compilation into Annual Report to Members.


  1. Derek’s contract – original signed in November, 2019.  Annual review needs to be completed by November, 2020.
  2. Executive session – Derek Olson excused from meeting. BOD entered executive session at 8:29 to discuss personnel topics. Executive session ended at 9:17. Motion by Nathan/seconded by Heather to adopt changes discussed in executive session.


  • Amendments to be addressed at annual meeting- We need to add an annual performance review requirement for the Executive Director.  Robert has drafted an annual performance review for the Executive Director.


Wednesday, October 21, 2020 @ 7:30pm via Zoom/Facebook Live event



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