July 22, 2019 Minutes

Leaky Pot

Roll Call:

Robert Soderstrom, Nathan Schreier, Kelsey Gronlund, Heather Pittman, Derek Olson, Jonathan Tinsley, Toi Lyn Flick, Becky Tinsley

Reading and approval of the minutes of the preceding meeting:

Approved as presented motion Jonathan, Toi Lyn second

Review and approval of bills:

Robert will pay $30 to SD Secretary of State to file Articles of Incorporation. No other bills at this time. Motion to pay bill Toi Lyn, Nathan second

Reports of the Executive Director:


Reports of Officers and Committees:

  • None

Old and unfinished business:

  1. Bylaws – review initiated and will continue at next meeting
  2. Non-profit status application – Officers signed official application, Robert will write a check for $30 and mail.
  3. Executive Director position – Derek Olson elected by unanimous consent. Motion by Toi Lyn, second by Heather
  4. At Large Board Member – discussed assignment of duties. Discussion to continue at future meeting.
  5. Membership dues – Discussion will continue at future meeting
  6. Mission and Vision Statements – reviewed for Non-profit application and promotional materials. Approved as written motion Jonathan, Toi Lyn
  7. Update on social media project from Derek – Email address is [email protected] set up by Robert. Website is currently under construction, TDG is hosting, Derek paid $12 for domain name registration. Facebook, Twitter & InstaGram are live- Derek & Nathan will be admins and keep updated.
  8. Update on Belle Fourche Visitor guide – Unable to change information that is out in visitor guide.

New business:

  1. Trademark Name/Logo – discussion initiated regarding need to our name. Tabled until future meeting.
  2. Membership Code of Conduct -needs to be included in application to join BFACT. We need to ensure that a participation ban clause is included.
  3. Executive Creative Committee – discussion initiated. This committee would help guide show selection and production along with other duties. Would not necessarily be BOD members.


Derek updates

  • Met with mayor re: storage at community theater. They would like to use funds in reserve to help clean up/organize storage. Asked our group to help. Derek will follow up on this.
  • Roosevelt Theater: Owners are requesting a meeting re: possible collaboration with BFACT. Derek will follow up on this.
  • Message from Ree Reich re: offer of costumes. Needs follow up.

Next BOD meeting:

Thursday, August 1, 2019, 7pm @ The Leaky Pot


Motion Toi Lyn, second Kelsey

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