July 15, 2023 Minutes

Black Hills Diner
10:00 AM


President Nathan S


Nathan S, Heather, Kelsey, Allie, Angela, Sharon, Derek


Motion to approve Angela, seconded by Kelsey, unanimous passage



We ordered another mic system for $309.99 and it has come and I’ve gotten it working. It is a set of 4 which brings us to a total of 12 mics which should cover most shows we would do. We will eventually need to purchase more headset mics, the older set of 8 are missing 2 headsets, but we don’t need to worry for this show. FAB is going to help cover the cost of these new packs, I am waiting to get final confirmation of this from Toi, they were looking at $200. I have been spending a lot of time on our sound system for this show since we are hoping for a large turnout and I want it to sound the best possible since that is our most common complaint. I think I have finally found a sweet spot for mics and speakers and I am pretty happy with how it is shaping up.

Set Build

I had to purchase a new saw blade for the miter saw at the theater. I didn’t charge it as part of the show since the blade that was on there was the original blade from like 7 years ago. This blade will last for a long time. The cost was $48.84. Shawn Collins brought a small portable table saw which was great to use. It might be worth looking into getting one eventually for the theater, maybe we share the cost with the HS. He said it cost around $400.

Catalyst Theater

I met briefly with the founders of the Catalyst Theater in Rapid. It ended up being spur of the moment so I wasn’t able to add Allie into the call but I think they would love to talk more with us and we can set up something else coming up. It was interesting to see what they were doing. One of the founders is the technical director for BHCT and he gave me some advice about our sound issues which was very helpful. We also talked about giving each other space in our programs to cross-promote shows.


We received a $50 check from Allie’s birthday Facebook fundraiser. I don’t know if we have received our $250 from Walmart Spark, if we haven’t I will reach out to them to get that money. We need to work on promoting this program to our audience. I am also happy to announce that Schreier Engineering will sponsor again this season for $500, I am just waiting on a check from them. We are also adding The Farmhouse in Spearfish as a sponsor thanks to Heather and her brother. I don’t have a level of sponsorship from them yet, I should know for sure early next week, but they are definitely sponsoring at some level. I think this will be it for business sponsors for the season, I had made more calls recently to try and pick up some stragglers without much success unfortunately.


Once “Rock of Ages” is done I will get back to grants. We can reapply for the Midco Grant, which we haven’t gotten yet but I will keep trying. I might ask for less money and see if that helps. Paul works for BHP and Allie’s dad works for midco. Perhaps we can ask to reference them for our grant applications. 


Progress has slowed on the website but I will work to finish it quickly after “Rock of Ages” is finished.


  • President
    • Bylaw addition printed and ready to add to laws. ED contract given to secretary. Designed asset spreadsheet that is ready to be used in drive. Should be covered under the rec center’s insurance in case of disaster. All things should be photographed. Will prepare labels for items. Toi handed over a bunch of historical things for the organization. Will begin organizing to maintain and perhaps put up at the Tri State Museum. 
  • Vice President
    • Absent. Noted that parade went well and loved being up front. Will try to register early again next year.
  • Secretary
    • Nothing to report 
  • Treasurer
    • Current balance: $7509.70. Venmo set up, there was an option through our paypal will get added to programs and bake sale tables. 990 was approved by irs website. Need new signature cards for the bank account. 
  • Creative Committee
    • Rock of Ages
      • Things are progressing well with the show. It is going to be a whirlwind until opening night but I am sure the show is going to be amazing and a hit. Tickets are on sale now and currently have sold a total of 17 presale tickets which is not bad, I think we will have lots more coming in soon on that. We made the decision to do tickets at $15 for adults and $10 for students/veterans/seniors, we will see how this increase goes down with people. We will revert to our normal pricing for our last two shows of the year and look at a permanent increase for next season. We are looking at being slightly over budget for this show, the biggest culprit is that printing ended up being significantly more than we thought at the start. Overall, if we go over it won’t be by much. If it starts to look like a bigger number, I will reach out to the board to discuss it with them. Lastly, the Black Hills Diner will be providing lunch for our set building on July 15, a very generous donation that we will make sure to thank in our programs. Show is about $200 over budget due to printing expenses but this is without the overage amount previously discussed by the board. 
    • GOAT
      • Things are moving forward on the starting of GOAT. Allie is directing with Tyler Schone as her assistant director. Auditions are set for August 4 at 6 – 8pm and August 5 at 4 – 6pm. We have our schedule approved by the Rec Center and all of the scripts have arrived. I have recently met with the other theaters and everything is looking good for the show. We will start a bigger marketing blitz as “Rock of Ages” ends. There is a lot of excitement for this show from the other participating theaters and we expect this to be even bigger and better than last years’. The show we are doing is “Couch Potato” which looks like a very funny one-act. Our performance night in Belle is Saturday. Below is the budget request for this show:
      • GOAT Budget
        • Licensing: 174.3
          Scripts: 87.92
          Rec Center Rental: 200
          Printing (Scripts, posters, auditions, etc): 40
          Misc: 40
          Advertising: 50
          Costumes & Props: 25
          Set building: 25
          iStock Photo: 15
          Gifts: 50
          Total: 707.22
          Licensing and scripts already purchased, voting on additional budget of $445
        • Motioned: Allie, Seconded by Kelsey, unanimous passage
    • Next Season
      • Once Rock of Ages is finished and we see final sales and costs we will start making final plans for next year’s season. Also planning to look into the idea of season tickets. 
    • Karaoke Fundraiser
      • Hersrud’s donated the money to pay for a professional to handle the karaoke part of the fundraiser on July 14 so we are listing them as a Patron sponsor for the rest of the season as in-kind.
    • House on Haunted Hill
      • Nothing to report at this time on this show. Progress will start being made as soon as Rock of Ages is finished.
  • Public Relations
    • Keeping FB page active and continuing to attend meetings with Tristate, the chamber, arts council, and writers group. Will look into the possibility of doing something for art in the park next year. 
  • Membership Committee
    • July newsletter out. Engagement of 93 with 63 opened. August newsletter plan: GOAT, spark announcement, and karaoke/show recap. 
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee
    • Allie’s mom will do the costume auction as long as we put her logo in the programs. Karaoke night went great, high engagement, made $1005 at practically no expense. Will look into planning more community events. 

Old Business:

  1. Electronic meeting and voting:
    1. Amendment of bylaws: allowing for electronic voting in regular or special meetings
      1. Purpose: the current bylaws do not envision the option for electronic voting in regular or special meetings. 
      2. Article IX, Section 1: each board member shall have one vote
      3. Section:1.1: voting may occur in person at a regular or special meeting of the board of directors or by telephone or of similar communications approved by the board of directors in compliance with these bylaws.
    2. Amendment of bylaws: allowing for electronic meeting
      1. Purpose: the current bylaws to not envision the option for electronic meetings
      2. Article IX, Section 3: the board of directors shall meet monthly. The date and place of each scheduled meeting shall be made available by social media and on the organization’s website. 
      3. Section 3.1: members of the board of directors may participate in a meeting by means of telephone or of similar communications by which all persons participating in the meeting can communicate with each other. Participation in a meeting in accordance with this section shall constitute presence at such meeting.

Motion to put forward language of proposed amendments for voting at next meeting by Allie, seconded Heather, unanimously passage


  1. None


Monday August 14th at Graps at 6:00 PM


Sharon, seconded by Allie, unanimous passage.

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