January 20, 2021 Minutes

Zoom Meeting
7:30 PM


Rebert Soderstrom, ToiLyn Flick, Kelsey Gronlund, Heather Pittman, Nathan Schreier, Derek Olson, Becky Tinsley


Approved as presented.


No outstanding bills at this time. Rec center and Derek’s wages were paid.


I finished up the grant request for the South Dakota Foundation Grant. We are asking $5000 for that one. I haven’t heard anything back yet. I have also started working on cleaning up our Sponsors. Currently we have four sponsors, two of those are in-kind. We also received a donation from Morris Law Firm. My goal over the next couple of months is to get many more sponsors and will start reaching out to businesses again and will keep my eye out for other grant opportunities.


  • President
    • Congratulations to Derek Olson on his original plays being published and purchased for performance.
  • Vice President
    • No report
  • Treasurer
    • Current balance is $4502.62
  • Secretary
    • No additions at this time
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee
    • Derek has been doing some work on grants (see above). Looking toward new fundraiser in the future.
  • Membership Committee
    • Not present
  • Public Relations Committee
    • Will meet with Jonathan on plans to increase membership activity.
  • Creative Committee
    • The Christmas Show
      • The Christmas show went great and went off without a hitch. The stream worked well and we made $80 in donations and sold 24 tickets between the actual live performance or after. The plan is to keep the show hidden on YouTube and will continue to sell tickets to the show if people want. We were able to send the show off to many different senior centers around the area and Sundance and heard some great feedback from them about how excited they were.
    • 2021 Season
      • As the Creative Committee we began to talk on what the 2021 season will be and have some preliminary ideas.
      • Monologue Competition
        • We are hoping to have our monologue competition in February. It will be entirely online and will have some kind of prize for the winners.
      • Workshops
        • We are hoping to do a few workshops starting in March. Probably with a costume/prop one and a scriptwriting one. Will have more information on how this will work next month.
      • Virtual Show
        • We are hoping to do a Virtual Show around April. We would do something very similar to the Christmas show, a live streamed event that we sell tickets to. We are still figuring out what this show will be. We may treat it a little more like a variety show with different vignettes.
      • Dinner Theater
        • The local government reached out to us to do a dinner theater show for an event they have coming up in May. Nathan will be leading the charge on this. It won’t be a public event, it will only be done for this one specific event.
      • First Show
        • We are talking about doing a stage show, hopefully completely open to the public at the end of June. Right now we are looking at Arsenic and Old Lace being directed by myself. This isn’t set in stone, but we are hoping to have a show at the end of June.
      • Second Show
        • We are looking at having a second show at the end of August. We don’t have much here yet. It could be a show we license or an original, or a night of one acts. We will make this decision coming up. There is a chance we flip Arsenic and Old Lace into this time slot, depending on availability.
      • Third Show
        • We were originally going to be doing a night of one acts with other area community theaters this past September. I am going to be reaching out to see if they are still interested in doing this for the fall of 2021.
      • Mr. Beautiful Fork
        • We are still hoping to have Mr. Beautiful Fork this year, probably in July. We are going to wait and see how the pandemic and vaccine rollout goes before we make a determination on date. We want to pick a time that will be safe for everyone.
      • Christmas Show
        • We are going to be doing a Christmas show of some kind, just no idea what. That decision will come after some others are made.



  1. Anna – SD Arts Council feedback. BOD was able to give ideas for resource allocation to smaller community theatre groups, increasing communication between local community theatre groups, and helping to facilitate the organization of regional community theatre interactions and support.



Wednesday, February 24th at 7pm via Zoom


Motion to adjourn by Nathan, seconded by Heather

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