February 27, 2020 Minutes

Leaky Pot
7:00 PM

Roll Call:

Derek Olson, Kelsey Gronlund, Heather Pittman, Nathan Schreier, Jonathan Tinsley, Becky Tinsley, Robert Soderstrom, ToiLyn Flick

Reading and approval of the minutes of the preceding meeting:

Motion by Jonathan/second by Heather to approve.

Review and approval of bills:

$92.63 for Facebook Ads.  Motion by Kelsey/second by Heather to approve.

Report of the Executive Director:

Rec Center 

  • I have worked to organize or run lights and sound on the Talent Show and a Concert Series.
  • I met with the new director of the Rec Center and we discussed Theater needs and what exactly we do. He also had me send him a report of everything wrong in the theater and a list of ways to fix them:
    • I told them to purchase a speaker for use as a monitor. The main curtain needs to be repaired ASAP. Storage in the garage area would be great in the next few months. Some of the wing curtains need to be replaced, that could be in the next year or two. There are a few panels in the floor that need to be replaced, that also could be the next year or two. I would like to mount the speakers in the theater as well as do some rearranging of the cords that could be done, but doesn’t need to be immediate. Hope that helps.


I recently received a copy for several pages for the site. I need help on just a few more, Toi said she would help. I still need Membership, Donations and Sponsorships. I will be launching the site this month.

Arts People

I did a training with Arts People on how to set up ticketing, discounts, comp tickets and the like. It was an in-depth training but I think I’ve got it so we can set up our own pricing. I will work with the Creative Committee on pricing but if anyone has any thoughts on that, I would love to hear them. I also received the CC reader and have tested and know how it works.  We will need to order a specialized printer in order to have the ability to print receipts.


I haven’t been able to work as much on Sponsorships the last month because of my move and having to redo lots of the new house. We have gotten more sponsorships in the past month bringing our total of paid sponsorships to ten with three in-kind sponsors. We will be pusing sponsorships hard over the next couple of months.  We currently have 13 sponsors (3 in-kind).


Lacey from the Black Hills Pioneer is going to be interviewing me next week about all things BFACT. Going to talk about our upcoming season and other things we are hoping to do down the road.

Reports of Officers and Committees:

  • President
    • Robert will be hosting a writer’s workshop at his home.  Date TBA. We need to get Derek some business cards.
  • Vice President
    • Audit is complete and everything was in order.
  • Treasurer
    •  Current balance $4942.92 plus we received $1500 in additional donations this week.  Checks and endorser are being ordered.
  • Secretary
    • No additions to minutes.
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee
    • Thank you letters and donor receipts have been sent out.
  • Membership Committee
    • Paid members roster is being updated.  There is a problem with people missing from lists in Arts People-looking into this issue.  Emails with dates for upcoming events will be sent out.
  • Public Relations Committee
    • Newsletter will be sent out.  Facebook analysis had four campaigns with over 31,000 reaches.
  • Creative Committee
    • Hannah Rehmeier has decided to no longer be a part of the Creative Committee, she said she is just too busy to devote the time needed. Beyond that we have narrowed the main show this summer down to four shows and I ordered scripts for Nathan to read all four and decide on the show. He has picked The Man Who Came to Dinner. I will start putting a budget together for this and the one acts and should have them for the March meeting. Dates for this show are July 24-26, 2020.For the Night of One Acts we are doing the theme of Outlaws, I will be writing a Robin Hood-esque show, Nathan a Western and Emma a 1920’s gangster one act. Dates are June 4-6, 2020.
    • We have also set a date for Mr. Beautiful Fork, April 4, 2020 at Grap’s. We have five confirmed contestants, myself, Nathan, Geno, Darin and Nic Loper. We are talking with two others now to round out the group. Carrie is taking point on this and has made lots of headway, we will be having a meeting soon to finalize everything. We are looking for a budget of $600 for this show.
    • We also discussed moving the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater to May to allow Reva some more time to work on it since she is in the middle of the Middle School show right now.
    • Anna Robinson will be heading up a Renaissance Faire committee and we will be having our first meeting soon on this. We have already been in discussion with the city, they reached out to us on this. They are very excited about this idea and want to help. Will have more info next month.
    • Final season show will be participating in the Regional Community Theater One Acts September 25-28, 2020.  Shows will run in various locations throughout the Northern Black Hills area.  BFACT will host the shows on September 28, 2020.

Old and unfinished business:

  1. None

New business:

  1. Geno Pesicka- Christmas carolers needed for a Grinch theme during Parade of Lights. More information will be available closer to the date.  Geno shared that Hill City is advertising a Renaissance Festival this summer.  He is proposing that BFACT consider creating a “Weekend Wasteland: Mad Max/Steampunk ” themed festival for Belle Fourche, possibly for the 2021 season.
  2. Business cards for Derek- motion by Jonathan/second by Kelsey to approve ordering.
  3. Mr. Beautiful Fork budget: $600 to cover venue, advertising and game supplies.  Motion by Jonathan/second by ToiLyn to approve a budget up to $600.


BFACT T-shirts: look into ordering shirts to make available for purchase online and for members/BOD to wear at events.

Member dinner/cast parties: discussion held regarding BFACT ability to pay for supplies/food for special events.  We can pay as long as persons invited are not required to make donations/pay in order to attend.

Next BOD meeting:

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 @ 7pm


Motion by Becky/seconded by Heather to adjourn

Respectfully submitted by Becky Tinsley, Secretary

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