February 24, 2021 Minutes

Zoom Meeting
7:00 PM


ToiLyn Flick, Kelsey Gronlund, Derek Olson, Heather Pittman, Nathan Schreier, Jonathan Tinsley, Becky Tinsley


Approved as presented motion by Jonathan, seconded by Kelsey.


See Treasurer report. Approved as presented motion by Heather, seconded by Nathan.


With the screen built around the set pieces and props in the theater I have been talking to Nathan at the Rec Center about more permanent storage. We met several times to talk about what needs to happen for that and we have roped in Adam, the HS Athletics Director, to get the school’s perspective. We are meeting next week to start some discussions on what we can start doing now to help with storage, hopefully this would entail a storage unit being built behind the theater like was discussed over a year ago. Nothing is set in stone but we are talking about an agreement between the Rec, the school and Community Theater. I will report what we talk about at next month’s meeting.

I am still helping the school and other activities with their lighting and sound needs. I am starting to work on a list of all the things that need to be upgraded in the theater and working on directions on how to do basic sound and lighting tasks. I hope to have that done soon.

I have been working on other grants and sponsorships. I found out we were unfortunately turned down for the SD Foundation grant we applied for. Since then I have applied for grants through the SD Arts Council, Midco, Wal-Mart and Scott Peterson Motors. We will start hearing back on some of those over the next month or so. Now that the weather is nicer, I am going to start talking to local businesses about sponsorships in March and will hopefully start getting more of those soon.


  • President
    • Not present
  • Vice President
    • No updates at this time.
  • Treasurer
    • Credit card and payroll paid. Amazon Smile donation: $24.34. Current bank balance: $3556.99.
    • Filed 990N with IRS
    • Need to change mailing address to ToiLyn Flick with IRS/Secretary of State/Bank.
  • Secretary
    • No additions at this time
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee
    • Derek has been working on grants. Looking for outdoor fundraising opportunities for Spring.
  • Membership Committee
    • Absent last month. Meeting with Nathan and Derek.
  • Public Relations Committee
    • Meeting with Jonathan and Derek on March 13th @ 2pm via Zoom.
    • Requesting $30 for Facebook ads for monologue competition.
  • Creative Committee
    • Monologue Competition
      • I finally got everything figured out for the monologue competition and we have started accepting submissions. This will run through March 7 at which point I will turn over all the submissions to our judges: Sarah Carlson, South Dakota Arts Council; David Scherer; Board Member Historic Homestake Opera House; Bryon Christian, Director of High School Theater for Hill City High School. We have two categories, Kids and Adults. Each category will have a Grand Prize and Runner-up. For the Grand Prize, the prize is $50 and two free tickets and the runner-ups will receive two tickets. Open Space Creative and tdg have donated the money for the prizes, so we as an organization will not be giving away money, they will. I have all the information online at https://www.bellefourcheact.com/item/88-2021-monologue-competition.html I have set it so that neither the board or myself can enter, as much fun as it will be, we don’t want to look like we have favoritism of any kind.
    • Season
      • I have scheduled our two main summer shows with the Rec Center. There can be some flexibility but I wanted to get this in so we can reserve dates. The first show will be June 24 – 27. Auditions will be May 10 and practices will start May 17. The stage will be locked on June 12 to build set. The second show will be August 27 – 29. Auditions will be July 12 and practices will start July 19. The stage will be locked in on August 14 to build set.
      • We are still figuring out who will direct what and which show will be which date. I will hopefully have that all sorted out in March and then we can start advertising. I am currently trying to figure out directors so if anyone knows someone who might be interested, let me know.
      • Besides the shows and monologue competition, I am still working on workshops so we can do those later this Spring. I am also working on a Virtual Show for May and will have information next month on that. Also, I am hoping to still do Mr. Beautiful Fork, but that might end up being a Fall thing so we don’t cram too much in at one time.
      • Per Nathan- The show for Butte County Auditor’s Office is no longer happening.


  1. Presidency: Robert will remain official president until we can have an open meeting with all members. ToiLyn will be acting president in his absence per bylaws.


  1. Reva Potter: Theatre flats. ToiLyn will talk to the school about budgeting for new flats. BFACT may contribute through labor.



March 24th @ 7pm via Zoom 


Motion to adjourn by Nathan, seconded by Jonathan

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