December 13, 2021 Minutes

Grap’s Wine Room
7:30 PM


Toi Lyn


Toi Lyn Flick, Nathan Schreier, Kelsey Gronlund, Heather Pittman, Angela Hastings, Becky Tinsley, Emma Tinsley, Derek Olson


Nathan, Angela



I made a small push to sponsors before the Christmas show and I was able to get a couple. So far we have all of our sponsors from last year except three, but I am hoping to get those after the first of the year. We added back Schreier Engineering this year and have some hopeful prospects in other places. I will start my big push after the first of the year and I am hopeful we will gain a few new sponsors this year. We are also waiting to hear back from Black Hills Energy on if they will be giving money this year. After March I will be able to go after WalMart again and I am hopeful we will get more from them.

Christmas Show

The Christmas show went really well over the weekend. Attendance was up over the summer shows and about 10 tickets off from our first Christmas show a couple of years ago. People seemed to enjoy it and were very generous with donating to the bake sale and the quilt raffle. Kelsey will have full numbers for everything but I am happy with what we received. Bake sales continue to be big money makers at events and I think we will continue with those for all shows.


I have some website cleanup I will be working on before the end of the year.


  • President
    • Christmas show went really well and much appreciation for everyone involved. Feedback from cast and sponsors was positive. Many want to be involved in upcoming productions. 
  • Vice President
    • Christmas show went. Working with Angela to take over social media.
  • Secretary
    • Happy to have had the opportunity to assist with Christmas show. 
  • Treasurer
    • Current balance: $6 
    • Christmas show revenue: Ticket sales: $1990  Bake sale: $497.92, Quilt: $190.00
    • PO box has been renewed for 1 year.
    • Arts Council Grant will be paid out in 60 day increments.
  • Creative Committee
    • We will be having a meeting on the 27th to start finalizing plans for the rest of the season. Right now we are talking about a small one-act in the spring with somewhat more adult content, and two shows this summer. Originally we were hoping for a small musical early summer and a show like Arsenic in the later summer. I have reached out to Rebecca Fahey about musical directing it but if she can that would have to be the later summer show instead. So we have some decisions to make. We are also hoping for a dinner theater sometime in the summer or fall. Beyond that we might work to squeeze in some virtual shows and workshops plus maybe a gala (banquet) to thank volunteers/ sponsors at the end of the year.
    • Suggestion has been made to add another kid show into this season. 
    • Regarding the musical- suggestion to poll on social media to see what shows people would be interested in participating.
  • Public Relations
    • Went to radio, chamber of commerce, paper to promote Christmas show.
  • Membership Committee
    • Have some ideas but would like to meet with Derek before moving forward.
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee
    • Good revenue from Christmas show fundraiser. Great feedback and requests for recipes, along with promises to include certain items at upcoming events. Appreciate everyone who brought items. Will be working on calling sponsors in coming weeks.



  1. Derek’s contract- Need to review, sign, upload copy into shared drive, as well as sent to Arts Council for grant requirements.
  2. Derek is requesting review of compensation for hours spent as Executive Director. Heather requests update on number of hours Derek is currently working each month. Nathan offered to help ToiLyn with Derek’s review. BOD will need to fill out review prior to January 14th so that we can have review and compensation discussion.
  3. Nathan suggested joining with school, city/rec, and us to get a storage unit for costumes to help alleviate the mess and make preparing for shows easier. Becky suggested reaching out to storage unit owners in town to see if they would be interested in making an in kind donation of an unit.


January 26, 2022 Executive session: 6:30pm followed by regular meeting @ Grap’s.


Kelsey, Heather

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