August 21, 2019 Minutes

Leaky Pot

Roll Call:

Nathan Schreier, Toi Lyn Flick, Heather Pittman, Derek Olson, Jonathan Tinsley, Kelsey Gronlund, Becky Tinsley

Reading and approval of the minutes of the preceding meeting:

Approved as presented motion by Nathan, seconded by Jonathan

Review and approval of bills:


Reports of the Executive Director:

  • Trademarking BFACT is around $400 and would need to hire a lawyer to complete. Research says it’s not really necessary at this time (more for national use). The icon and logo belong to us as we have pre-existing use history.
  • Purple Pride – no response to request for partnership.
  • Terry/Storage at BF Rec Center- no current conversations with Terry. Maybe existing members could volunteer time to build storage?
  • G Suite – Free for non-profit organizations! We also have $10,000 in free Google text ads available with the set up of a G Suite account. We will be able to set up Gmail/new addresses when we have all of the 501c3/EIN information available.
  • Website – website layout reviewed. Derek will design/launch upon approval tonight. He is asking TDG for in-kind hosting donation. There may be some costs with further development and BOD will be notified as they occur. Photos from previous shows are still needed.
  • Arts People – There are no start up costs and fees are based on ticket sales. There are no charges/fees for donations made through the site.

Reports of Officers and Committees:

  • President
    • Not in attendance due to illness
  • Vice President
    • No report
  • Treasurer
    • Has obtained contacts and continues to research banking options
  • Secretary
    • No report
  • Grant & Financing Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Fundraising Committee

Old and unfinished business:

  1. At Large Board Member assignment of duties – Discussion of various needs/roles was held. Per motion by Jonathan, seconded by Kelsey the BOD has chosen the following duties:
    1. Assistant Treasurer – Assist with Grants and Fundraising, send thank you letters for donations. Heather Pittman will fill this role.
    2. Public Relations – Assist with Social Media, Community Outreach and Marketing. Nathan Schreier will fill this role.
    3. Membership – Assist with Membership recruitment and maintenance, Volunteer Coordination and a member newsletter. Jonathan Tinsley will fill this role.
  2. Trademark of name/logo update – See ED report
  3. Plan of Action/Strategic Plan – Previous ideas discussed- A Seussified Christmas show, Don’t Dress for Dinner show, War of the Worlds radio show @ Halloween, Dinner Theater, Mr. Beautiful Fork. Table motion by Heather, seconded by Kelsey
  4. Membership – Discussion about allowing donors to exchange work for membership fee and creating options for donor/sponsorship. Discussed held. Motion by Jonathan, seconded by Nathan to not allow exchange of work for membership fee and to allow donations of more than $25 to give option of membership to the donor.
  5. Youth membership/board positions – Discussion about allowing youth to exchange work for membership, lower student membership fee and potential for youth voice on BOD. Motion by Nathan, seconded by Heather to not allow youth work in exchange for membership, to not allow for a lower student membership fee and there will not be a special membership for youth less than 18 years of age however we will create opportunities for a youth voice at BFACT activities.
  6. Bank account update – See Treasurer report.
  7. 501c3 filing update-  ToiLyn and Jonathan will finalize and Jonathan will pay filing fee with option for reimbursement at a later date.

New business:

  1. Code of Conduct – BOD will research and discuss at next meeting. Pertinent points to include sexual harassment, expected behavior (adult vs youth shows), volunteering time/money, removal clause.
  2. Membership application – Tabled for further discussion
  3. Arts People – Motion by Nathan, seconded by Heather to adopt Arts People as BFACT ticketing vendor.
  4. Mission statement – Tabled for further discussion
  5. Sponsorship tiers – Heather and Derek will discuss and present ideas at a later date
  6. Additional committees – Tabled for further discussion

Next BOD meeting:

September 25, 2019 @ 7pm @ The Leaky Pot


Motion by Jonathan, second by Kelsey

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