August 19, 2020 Minutes

Zoom Meeting
7:30 PM


Toi Lyn Flick, Robert Soderstrom, Heather Pittman, Jonathan Tinsley, Becky Tinsley, Kelsey Gronlund, Derek Olson, Nathan Schreier


Motion to approve Nathan/Heather


Motion to approve Jonathan/Nathan


Jupiter & Mars

Episode 1 and 2 of Jupiter & Mars has premiered. The first live stream had a few technical hiccups but the second ran much more smoothly. The first live stream had a total of 534 views and the second had 389. Both episodes are now available on our YouTube channel. The first episode (the regular and uncensored version) has 75 views and the second (the regular and uncensored version) has 8 views. We will keep promoting these two episodes as we get ready for the Episode 3 premiere on the 25. After this episode we will have a break as the next three episodes are getting prepped. I’m sure Heather will talk more about the auction, but it went really well and we even had an extra $50 donation to Arts People during it.


I had to update the website to accommodate the different content that is Jupiter & Mars. Took a little bit of doing but it is now done. We don’t get tons of traffic to the site but I am trying to keep it up-to-date with BFACT information to encourage people to come to the site. I will also update it with other arts events in the area, including school events.


We now have special 10 year anniversary shirts for sale on TeeSpring. They are special and will only be available until January. They are a bit more than our other shirts, since they are special editions. We will begin pushing these with the new campaign I am working on. We have sold a total of 3 shirts and 1 sticker so I was able to request our first payout of $20 that will go into our PayPal account. If anyone has suggestions for items to go in our store, just let me know.

Pledge Drive

I have been working on a campaign I am calling ‘10x10for10 for BFACT.’ The idea is to get people to donate $10, share the campaign with ten friends for our ten year anniversary. I am creating graphics and will be getting them online soon for this. We will be running this until October. Our first goal will be $1,000. If we hit that mark, we will keep going and increase the goal by $500 at  a time. Even though this information will be out before the Jupiter & Mars Episode 3 premiere, we will push it hard at that event.


  • President
    • No Report
  • Vice President
    • No Report
  • Treasurer
    • $50 Arts people donation, $21.53 Amazon donation, Credit card $9.99, deposit from online auction $570-please update the online form for the collected monies and delivered items.
      Current balance $1510.62
  • Secretary
    • No additions at this time
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee
    • Online auction raised almost $2000.  Bake sale at park raised about $100.  Most auction items have been delivered.  Working on fall ideas.
  • Membership Committee
    • No report
  • Public Relations Committee
    • Working on getting shows on the radio
  • Creative Committee
    • Storytime Reading
      • I am working on getting at least three more stories online for the Storytime Reading online. The Storytime in the park went really well, we had about 30 people there, several families. The bake sale went well, we raised about $100 from that. Those of us at the park started talking about doing a Halloween Storytime in the park. I am working on details now but I am going to go forward with this idea.
    • Other Ideas
      • I am still working on the monologue competition, I will hopefully have more information next month. Christmas time, maybe do another recorded  or possibly live online show. Next season plans- maybe look for January announcement when we have a better idea of Covid and how the season can go.  Stick with doing less expense to produce shows.  Plan to build funds for bigger 2022 season.


  1. Annual meeting- we need to send out notification of meeting 2-4 weeks before date.  At this time we should plan for a Zoom meeting.  We need to add an amendment portion to meeting to update by-laws.
  2. By-laws- We need 3 people on membership committee. BOD need to review comments in online version to prepare for possible changes at annual meeting.
  3. Annual report- Just like first annual meeting, all BOD members need to prepare a report on work done this year.  Kelsey needs all donations by August 31  for deposit.



  • Executive session will be held September 9th @ 6:30pm via Zoom


Wednesday, September 23rd @ 7:27pm via Zoom


Motion to adjourn Nathan/Jonathan/Kelsey

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