April 23, 2024 Minutes

7:00 PM
Grap’s Wine Room

Call To Order:

Nathan S

Roll Call:

Nathan S, Nathan T, Heather, Kelsey, Al, Mike, Sharon

Approval of previous minutes:

Motion to approve Mike, Second Kelsey, unanimous passage

Executive Director Report:


After some time and an issue with addresses, we received the $1,000 grant from BHE into our bank account. We are currently waiting to hear back from MidCo, Walmart, SD Arts Council, Wharf Fund, SD Community Foundation, and Kubota on grants (Total of 24,000 in grant money requested). Hopefully we should start hearing back on some in the next month or two. In June I can submit to First Interstate Bank. I will also look for some more grants as we start hearing back on the others.

Lights and Sound

There have been a lot of sound requests over the last month from the Rec Center and other activities. I have made sure to go to them and handle them, so far things have been going very well and haven’t had any major issues. We also lent out the sound system for the FAB Variety show and will be lending out to the Chamber for River Fest in June. We did purchase another receiver and two wireless mics for the theater, upping the amount of mics we have to 12. I will also be hosting a training session tonight at the Rec Center for staff on how to run things. I would like to set something up for when I get back with a larger group of BFACT people on how to run everything as well. There will be a Concert Series in the theater on May 9 and I would like to see if someone else can cover that for me, I can do a quick training with anyone who is interested. 

Ancillary Materials

I created and have received a new stand-up banner to go with the one we already have plus a pack of rack cards. I will create maybe one more small banner to go on the ticket taker table, I want to speak with Kelsey and what she thinks should go on there.

Officer Reports: 

  • President
    • Met with fundraising and PR committees to prepare duties and expectations
  • Vice President
    • Nothing to report
  • Secretary
    • Nothing to report 
  • Treasurer
    • Current bank balance $14,557.85. Updated current address with IRS
  • Creative Committee
    • Murder on the Orient Express
      • We have start promoting auditions for this show and I am planning on having a meeting with the director and all her assistants coming up so we can get on the same page and create a full budget for the show. I think we have the makings of a great and popular show with this one. There has already been a lot of interest in auditions which is great! I spoke with the 1880 Train and they are going to allow us to take for the poster and social media photos on the train for the show which will be awesome! They are also going to donate a pack of train tickets we can raffle off at the show. We will also provide them with a pack of our tickets they can give away. We are talking about doing more for cross-promotions but that is all in the early stage.
    • GOAT
      • I had a meeting with all of the directors for GOAT last week and it was very productive. Sturgis is in for sure so the dates are 100% set. Oct 10 will be in Belle, Oct 11 in Lead, Oct 12 in Sturgis and Oct 13 in Spearfish. We all agreed to raise the ticket price this year to our default price of $15, $10, and $5. Everyone is excited again for this show and I think it will be another success. We have decided to use a script written by Stephanie Bussiere for the show this year. I found it during the Writers Workshop. The show will be directed by Allie Juso Verry.
    • Next Season
      • I am hoping to get a meeting set up for either late this month or early next month to start finalizing plans for our 2025 Season
  • Public Relations
    • Nathan S and Mike met. Contacting the following members to assist with committee: Derek, Angela, Wes, Whitney, and The Tinsleys. Discussed duties and expectations of the committee. 
  • Volunteer Committee
    • Sharon went through all the volunteer forms and updated addresses we have in spreadsheets. Newsletter officially transitioned to PR committee. Proposes hyperlink to google form on newsletter to gather volunteer information
  • Fundraising Committee
    • Nathan S, Derek, and Al met. Next silent auction proposed for fall. Quilt raffle and train ticket raffle coming. 1880 train willing to work with us and raffle Murder on the Orient Express tickets. Working on getting a booth at downtown Thursday nights
  • 15 Year Committee
    • Brainstormed what we want to be to the community and how to increase visibility. Plan to have everything set by September. 

Old Business:

  1. Scholarship winner: Winner tba at scholarship night
  2. Strategic planning committee- tabled

New Business:

  1. Guest speaker: BH Community Foundation: Eric Zimmer, Director. Cathleen Fitzgerald-Ellis: Northern Hills contact
    • This non profit organization exists to support other non profit organizations. Focused on grant giving, bring donors and organizations they are interested in together, and managing endowments.
    • Currently working on special initiatives with affordable housing and food insecurity
    • Planning a community engagement event to determine upcoming focus on youth mental health, supporting families, arts, and/or conservation.
    • Suggested grants to apply for in the upcoming year: Community action grant and Jim Hess memorial grant. 

Next meeting:

May 21st, 2024 at 7 PM at Grap’s


Motion to adjourn: Nathan T, Second: Mike. Unanimous passage.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Heather Pittman

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