Annual Meeting January 14, 2023 Minutes

Venue 519
7:00 PM


President Toi Lyn Flick opened the meeting



Toi Lyn Flick, Nathan Schreier, Kelsey Gronlund, Heather Pittman, Derek Olson


Kelsey motioned to accept the minutes, Angela seconded. Passed unanimously


  • All reports will be made available online for review
  • President
    • Toi spoke to points made in the annual report. Show attendance increased, large season was put on successfully
  • Vice President
    • Spoke to the challenges of getting enough volunteers, overall season was a great success.
  • Secretary
    • Toi read sec report from annual report
  • Treasurer
    • Annual Financial Report – reported on numbers from annual report
  • Executive Director Report
    • Commended the 21-2022 season, announced our 4 main stage shows, spoke to the challenges facing us. Thanked sponsors, put out call for business/individual sponsors for our musical this Summer
  • Creative Committee Chair
    • See above
  • Public Relations Chair
    • Highlighted all the various means we are currently growing our outreach: newspaper, public events, Angela opened floor for public comments:
      • Al Schreier suggested actor workshops
      • Sharon Thompson – Emphasize needs for other aspects – behind the scenes, set building
      • Rachel Johnson – emphasize no experience required
      • Sheila West – Suggested outreach to other programs or organizations, clubs – PEO
      • Nathan S- emphasized opportunities can originate from outside BFACT
      • Heather – points out board meetings are public
      • Derek – pointed out social media statistics growth
      • Angela – calls for our ability to promote other events in the community
  • Membership Committee Chair
    • Toi read report from annual report
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee Chair
    • Emphasized value generated for our business sponsors this year due to long, active season. Discussed existing and future status of our grants. Some are dropping, but organization is gaining enough history of financial records to become eligible for more grants. Pointed out individual donation opportunities and financials – all included in annual report Laid out plans to send sponsorship letters to our current and potential sponsors.
      • Sheila West – questioned who is receiving wages, board explained
      • Al suggested Lynn’s receipt collection


  • Executive Director Derek Olson conducted election
    • Election for President (2 yr.) – Nominations: Toi Lyn Flick, Nathan Schreier
      • Nathan Schreier was elected
    • Vice President (1 yr.) – Nominations: Allie Verry, Nathan Thompson
      • Nathan Thompson was elected
    • Secretary (2 yr.) – Nominations: Heather Pittman
      • Heather Pittman won unanimously
    • Member at Large- (2 yr.) – Nominations: Al Schreier, Allie Verry
      • Allie Verry was elected
    • Member at Large (1 yr.) – Nominations: Sharon Thompson, Al Schreier
      • Sharon Thompson was elected


  • Katie Anderson – Wants to help form committees, establish outside fundraising opportunities, Flashback cinema
  • Toi Lyn Flick – Economic group meeting Apply for grant from First Interstate Bank- Mike Tindal
    • Al Schreier clarified that this grant is more for purchasing equipment not operating costs. 
  • Theater agreement discussion- Derek explaining that equipment and such in the theater are property of the Rec Center. 
  • Getting our Amazon Smile information out during shows and mentioning it more often on social media.
  • Explained the difference in Sponsor levels.


  1. Donation to Photography contest
    • BF Arts council money prices
    • Wildlife, People, Landscape 1st $175, 2nd $100, 3rd $50
    • Heather – Sponsor 2nd or 3rd prize in a category. What is the engagement?
    • Al- We should not 
    • Nathan S- Keeps us true to our mission and we should sponsor one place.
    • Angela makes a motion to sponsors a 2nd prize $100 Heather 2nd
    • 5 Yes 1 No
    • Sharon motions to sponsor a 1st place prize of $175. Nathan T seconds
    • 3Yes to rescind 3No to not rescind
    • Moved to discussion
    • Sharon motions to sponsor a 1st place prize of $175. Nathan T seconds
    • Discussion  on why to do a 1st place prize.
    • 5yes 1No
    • We will sponsor a 1st place category. Angela will pick which category.
  2. Give Big campaign
    • The Chamber sent out 5,000 mailers. The Chamber indicated that they did not receive a lot of community involvement. Checks will go out the 3rd week in January 2023.
    • 16 non profit.
    • Discussion on when this event
  3. Souper Starz event
    • Event was held at The Barn at Aspen Acres. Toi, Derek and Nathan S attended. Over $2,000 to give. 5 organizations were there. Derek was the rep for BFACT and presented on our behalf. We came in 2nd place and received $250.00.


  1. Derek- Nate from Rec will review BFACT’s contract. This contract was review at the Rec Center committee meeting on Wednesday. We should hear back from Nate in the coming weeks.
  2. Angela- PEO meeting Feb 6th Sheila West will contact Angela/Toi
  3. Kelsey- Derek’s contract review. Board members will fill out the evaluations and send them to Nathan to compile. Nathan will review the evaluations and then will conduct Derek’s annual review and contract negotiation. 
  4. New board members will be put into google drive and emails.


February 20th, 2023 at 7PM, Grap’s


Angela motioned Nathan T seconded

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