June 29, 2022 Agenda

Grap’s Wine Room/Zoom
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Don Q

The kid’s show went very well. Kelsey has the final numbers on everything but I think we did alright, not a huge money maker but it should have made some. Again, Sunday ended up being our best show in terms of attendance. Rachel and Karlee did a great job with the kids and put on a great show. Rachel and I were still at the theater when the storm hit and we stayed with the kids in the hallway, since the kids were still there tearing down. Rachel did a fantastic job keeping them calm and entertained. It sounds like she wants to do more kid’s shows and I would love to have her keep doing them. We also received $250 for ad space in the program from ABC Butte County.


I am waiting to hear back from BHE and Midco on grants, don’t have a great feeling on either one. I am hoping over the summer to start hitting more grant offers from larger organizations. I will need some help from Kelsey and Heather, but we will hit some more. We are still waiting on our last check from Arts Council, but we had to get a new government number, a SAMS. There was an issue getting it and it is still a pending status. If we don’t have it by next week I am going to reach out to the Arts Council and see if they can help us get it.


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    • You Can’t Take It With You
      • Auditions have happened for ‘You Can’t Take It With You’ and they seemed to go well. We have a full cast with Nathan directing and Allie Verry as assistant director. Here is the requested budget for the show:
        • Licensing 390
        • Scripts 255.85
        • Rec Center Rental 600
        • Printing (Scripts, posters, auditions, etc) 50
        • Misc 50
        • Advertising 75
        • Costumes & Props 300
        • Set building 300
        • Total 1630.85
    • Dinner Theater
      • We had to postpone dinner theater due to COVID and we have had a hard time getting it rescheduled. The rest of the summer is out for Grap’s and what time they did have conflicts with the other summer show. September and October are out for some of the actors. November puts us right after Halloween and right before the High School show. We are looking at moving it to next season at this point, maybe Feb. Going to confer with the CC to figure out dates and such. This is a bummer for sure, but winter might actually help with attendance, people are less likely to be out doing things in winter like they are during the summer.
    • Northern Hills One Acts
      • I was contacted by MOH about the night of community one acts we had talked about pre-covid. We are looking at doing a night of one acts in various communities comprising various community plays the weekend of Oct 13 – 16. I don’t have finalized dates and where yet because of some potential scheduling conflicts from the various communities, Spearfish, Lead, Sturgis and us. We would put on a one act for this show and host one of the show nights in Belle. We will look to do this kind of on the cheap, since we don’t stand to make a ton of money. I think it will be worth it though, because it will give us exposure to other local community theaters. At the meeting we also talked about how we can all support each other. We are talking about providing program space for other community shows, plus social media posts for each other and prop and costume sharing. I think this could be a great long-term partnership.
    • Gala
      • Due to the one acts in October we are looking at moving the gala to the first Sat in October. We will get the date set as soon as the one acts are concrete.
    • Christmas Show
      • To help alleviate some of the pressure off of the director of the Christmas show, possibly Toi, we are talking about finding an assistant director, prop and costume designer and tech director. We will begin asking people about these positions to get everything set in stone.
    • Next Season
      • We are starting to talk about shows for next season and will hopefully have a season picked in time for the Gala, I will report back to the board once we have dates and shows.
    • ABC Butte County
      • We have been approached by ABC Butte County to run workshops on July 19. We will do two acting ones and a writing one. We are working out the details now.
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