January 26, 2022 Agenda

Grap’s Wine Room/Zoom
7:30 PM






I worked on updating the website with new information, old minutes and agendas and added several old shows to our archive


I have contacted over half of the sponsorship list and will get through the rest in the next couple of weeks. I haven’t gotten any sponsors out of this batch, but have several that are interested.


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer-
  • Creative Committee
    • Upcoming Season
      • We have announced part of our upcoming season. We are planning a night of more mature one acts in the Spring, directed by myself. We are also doing a children’s show directed by Rachel Johnson in early Summer and a main stage show directed by Nathan in the late summer. We have a CC meeting coming up next week and will get specific dates and shows picked.
    • Other Shows
      • We have discussed some other programming coming up. We are talking about some workshops, a virtual show around Halloween, dinner theater and a gala to wrap up the year.
    • A-Dickens-of-a-Christmas
      • The creative committee had an idea for next Christmas, one designed as a community celebration not just a community theatre experience.  The idea of A Dickens of a Christmas was presented to Miranda Gallagher at the Belle Fourche Chamber with the following list of possible activities:
        • Christmas crackers
        • Making Christmas cards
        • Table mats
        • Tree ornaments
        • Parlour games
        • Caroling
        • Making gifts
        • Various foods such as plum pudding, sugar plums and wassail punch
        • Festival of trees- prize for one most theme centered?
        • Christmas Bell- work in Victorian carols
        • Something every weekend leading up to show or something every night of the week of the show
        • Performance of A Christmas Carol
        • Ice skating with lanterns and hot cocoa
        • Victorian-style gingerbread houses or scenes from A Christmas Carol
        • Miranda advised that she and her committee had been trying to come up with a theme idea for Christmas and she really likes this one.  She put it before her committee and they like it as well.  Miranda sent an email advising that the idea has been approved by her committee and board and that maybe we can get both groups together and have one big planning session so we are all on the same page.
  • Public Relations
  • Membership Committee
    • I still need to have a meeting with Derek, but I have a few ideas which include newsletters, member perks, creating a promotional video, advertising our memberships on our social medias/ expanding our social medias, member gala, seasonal meet-and-greets, business cards with our contact information and member prices, having a booth at Spearfish’s Festival in the Park, etc. 
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee-


  1. Derek’s contract- Need to review, sign, upload copy into shared drive, as well as send it to Arts Council for grant requirements.
  2. Derek review of compensation for hours spent as Executive Director. 
  3. Update on storage unit for costumes to help alleviate the mess and make preparing for shows easier. 




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