February 23, 2022 Agenda

Grap’s Wine Room/Zoom
7:30 PM





Sponsorships and Grants

I have been making my way through my sponsorship list. I have contacted almost all businesses on it. I will have the full list gone through before the Night of One Acts. So far we haven’t gotten any new sponsors, but I had some promising conversations last week, so hopefully we will get some new ones.

I have applied for the Wal-Mart Community grant again as well as one for Midco. I am hoping to hear back in the next few months on these.

I have requested the next check from SD Arts Council, so that should be coming in the next few weeks. We have to wait another 60 days and then we can request the last batch of money from that $5,500 grant.


I worked with Nathan and Angela on marketing this past month. We got Angela set up on the social media platforms. I also worked on promoting a couple of different events, we spent $10 on boosting the post on the upcoming Storytelling Workshop and another $10 on boosting the Night of One Acts Audition event.


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Creative Committee
    • Storytelling Workshop
      • In partnership with Open Space Creative and Arts at the Rec, I will be co-hosting the Storytelling Workshop this coming Thursday. If this works well, we are hoping to host more workshops this way, including acting and possibly directing.
    • Night of One Acts
      • I am listing the budget the board approved via FB here. I needed to increase the budget by $80, the rights to one of the shows was more than estimated.
        • Building Rental $350
        • Marketing (Ads & Printing) $120
        • Rights $290
        • Scripts $150
        • Costumes & Props $120
        • Misc $50
        • Total $1,080
      • I have already received scripts for two of the shows and I am finishing final revisions on the one act I am writing. We have auditions on March 1 and a read through on March 3. Actors will then have about 3 weeks to memorize and then actual practices start at the end of March. The show is set for April 22 & 23 at Community Hall. We have already paid for the rental and will receive $250 back as long as nothing is damaged.
      • We will need help with ushers, ticket takers and a bake sale so I will be talking to people about this more coming up.
    • Kids Show
      • I have worked with Rachel Johnson to get a schedule to the Rec Center for the kids show. This show will be June 10 – 12 with auditions in April. Rachel is currently looking through shows to find one she wants to do and we have started talking about who could be an assistant director for her. I will be working on a budget soon with her.
    • Main Show
      • I have worked with Nathan to get a schedule to the Rec Center for our main stage show. This show will be Aug 19 – 21 with auditions in June. I have ordered a perusal script for Nathan to look through to pick this show. I will be working with him on a budget soon. Over the next month we will fully announce all upcoming dates for our shows.
    • Dinner Theater
      • I have been working with Emma on this show. We have it tentatively scheduled for June 24 and 25 at Grap’s. I have ordered perusal scripts for her to pick her show. Once she has that we will work on a budget and schedule. Once things are feeling fairly concrete we will announce auditions for this show.
    • Director Responsibilities
      • I have begun working on a document that outlines jobs for directors and producers of shows. I have been working with the CC to refine it. This will be something we can give to new directors that outlines who is responsible for what in a show.
  • Public Relations
  • Membership Committee
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee


  1. By Law revision- Amendment draft is in the shared folder. Fiscal year and month for the annual meeting to be decided and may be voted upon for approval.




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