December 12, 2022 Agenda

Grap’s Wine Room/Zoom
7:00 PM





This month I have been behind. I’ve been mostly sick since the beginning of October but I am finally on the mend and working my way through projects. I have been working back and forth more with Nate at the Rec Center on sound and will be meeting with him this Friday to talk more about concrete steps moving forward on sound. He also wanted to revisit our contract with the city. When we spoke he wasn’t necessarily advocating for any changes but wanted to talk about and see if there were any changes to make since the contract was made back in 2019. I will report back to the board what we discuss.

Sponsorships and grants are largely on my to-do pile for the end of this month and into January. I am working on a letter now that I will email to all of our existing sponsors talking up this previous season and asking them to stay a sponsor for the 2023 season. After the holidays I will begin my push to contact new sponsors for next season to get them in place before shows start to happen. I am also working with Heather on grants we can apply to as well as larger businesses that do lots of sponsorships locally. We were turned down again for the Midco Foundation sponsorship but will apply again this month to that. I will also reach back out to Wal-Mart as well as Black Hills Energy. There are some other larger businesses I will be targeting as well. My goal is to have contacted most businesses in the first couple of months in 2023 so these efforts don’t stretch into the season.

My dad is selling his sound system that we borrowed for the Halloween show. It has 2 speakers, stands, mixing board, microphone and mic stand. He is asking $350 for this which is a good price for the size of the sound system it is. I would recommend we purchase this from him so we have whenever we want to do shows or events at other locations like Grap’s, Venue 519, the park, Community Hall, etc. We can also loan/rent it to other local groups to build up some local goodwill.

I will need to begin work on the Annual Report to have it done in time for the annual meeting. I would love to have all of that to me the first week of January if people can do that.

I also have us signed-up for the Souper Starz event in Spearfish on January 9th. This is an event where multiple organizations go to a dinner and present what they have going on and then people vote on where all the money raised that night should go. I will work on the presentation but it is a popularity contest so we will want to make sure we have plenty of people who will vote for us!


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Creative Committee
    • A Christmas Carol
      • The Christmas show went fantastic this past weekend. The cast and crew did an amazing job as well as our other BFACT volunteers for bake sale, tickets, etc. The show was very well done and our best attended show since Beauty and the Beast. I want to congratulate Toi on such a job well done. We had lots of new volunteers and the show 
    • 2021 – 2022 Season
      • Here are all the numbers for the 2021 – 2022 Season of BFACT. Things started a little slow this season but the last few shows have been trending upwards which is great news for next season.
      • 2021
        • Mr. Beautiful Fork 11/13/2021 45
        • Four to Go For Christmas 12/10/2021 82
        • Four to Go For Christmas 12/11/2021 74
        • Four to Go For Christmas 12/12/2021 79
          • Total 235
      • 2022
        • Take a Bow 4/22/2022 46
        • Take a Bow 4/23/2022 5
        • Take a Bow 4/27/2022 30
          • Total 81
        • Don Q & His Squire Sancho 6/10/2022 47
        • Don Q & His Squire Sancho 6/11/2022 51
        • Don Q & His Squire Sancho 6/12/2022 86
          • Total 184
        • You Can’t Take It With You 8/19/2022 87
        • You Can’t Take It With You 8/20/2022 111
        • You Can’t Take It With You 8/21/2022 85
          • Total 283
        • Getting Our Acts Together 10/16/2022 72
        • Vitage Hitchcock 10/29/2022 57
        • A Christmas Carol 12/9/2022 153
        • A Christmas Carol 12/10/2022 94
        • A Christmas Carol 12/11/2022 142
          • Total 389
        • Season Total 1346
    • 2023 Season
      • Now that the Christmas show is done the Creative Committee will be meeting soon to start locking down the upcoming season.
  • Public Relations
  • Membership Committee
  • Grant & Fundraising Committee


  1. Annual meeting- January 14th at Venue 519 @ 7pm. ToiLyn will talk to Graps about food. Reports need to be given to Derek by January 1, 2023.


  1. Annual Executive Director review- needs to be done in January.



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