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    Jupiter & Mars

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    Jupiter & Mars is a dramedy audio play being written and produced entirely by members of BFACT. It tells the story of disgraced reporter Jupiter and conspiracy theorist/nutcase Mars, as they work together to uncover a supernatural, extraterrestrial threat to humanity, based right here in the Black Hills!

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Jupiter & Mars

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Episodes 1 - 3 Available!
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Our Mission is to stimulate, promote, teach, and develop interest in the theater arts. We strive to share in providing cultural opportunities that serve the educational and entertainment needs of our community. And so, we welcome and provide opportunities of participation for all volunteers interested in the theater arts.

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  • First Interstate Bank
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    It takes a lot of hard work to keep community theater alive in the Belle Fourche area and we can’t keep doing it without you! There are many ways you can support BFACT, whether that be through sponsorships, donations or even volunteering. There are many different ways you can get involved to ensure that there will always be theater in Belle Fourche.

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      Darin Newton

      Darin Newton has been with Belle Fourche Area Community Theater since 2014 and has been amazing in everything he has been in. He's been a butler, a conflicted Juror and played several roles in our…
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    There is over a decade of theater history in Belle Fourche and in that time there have been many fantastic shows. Check out our show archive to learn all about the people and the plays that have made Belle Fourche Area Community Theater so special.

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    • BFACT Held it's Annual Meeting

      Thank you all who came to the BFACT Annual Meeting  on Jan 13. We had a great turnout from people very passionate about Community Theater. We held Board of Director elections last night and this is the BFACT BOD for 2023 President: Nathan Schreier Vice-President: Nathan Thompson Treasurer: Kelsey Gronlund…
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