• Mr. Beautiful Fork - Fight Night

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    Mr. Beautiful Fork - Fight Night

    Nov 13 at 7pm

    Welcome to Mr. Beautiful Fork - Fight Night! Our classic comedic, parody pageant is back this year with a new twist! Our contestants will showcase their talents and personality as you would expect, but also get ready to see them compete in wacky games of wit and skill! Audience members can bet on their favorite contestants, along with other ways to potentially win drink tokens and gift certificates.

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Our 2021 - 2022 Season

We have so much planned for our new season of theater and events!

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Our 2020 - 2021

Season and Events

Mr. Beautiful Fork - Fight Night

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Nov 13 at 7pm

Jupiter & Mars

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Episodes 1 - 3 Available!

2021 Christmas Show

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Dec 10 - 12
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Our Mission is to stimulate, promote, teach, and develop interest in the theater arts. We strive to share in providing cultural opportunities that serve the educational and entertainment needs of our community. And so, we welcome and provide opportunities of participation for all volunteers interested in the theater arts.

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    It takes a lot of hard work to keep community theater alive in the Belle Fourche area and we can’t keep doing it without you! There are many ways you can support BFACT, whether that be through sponsorships, donations or even volunteering. There are many different ways you can get involved to ensure that there will always be theater in Belle Fourche.

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      Our Volunteers

      Heather Pittman

      Heather Pittman has been with Community Theater since even before day one. She was part of the group that initially helped form Community Theater and has been with it every step of the way. She…
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    Our Previous Shows

    There is over a decade of theater history in Belle Fourche and in that time there have been many fantastic shows. Check out our show archive to learn all about the people and the plays that have made Belle Fourche Area Community Theater so special.

    The Mouse Trap

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    • Mr. Beautiful Fork Tickets on Sale

      Tickets are now on sale for Mr. Beautiful Fork - Fight Night! You can get your tickets online or at the door but there are only 100 tickets for sale so make sure to get yours today. Tickets are only $10. Purchase your ticket now. Our classic comedic, parody pageant is…
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